From Conway Police Department reports

Theft reported at gas station

A Conway man is suspected of stealing an iPhone from Horton's gas station.

Authorities were called to the gas station, located in the 2050 block of Harkrider Street, shortly before 9:30 p.m. May 20 after an employee learned a customer stole an iPhone off the front counter, according to an incident report.

The suspect was a Hispanic man who was wearing a white tank top and a tan hat that said "SECURITY" at the time of the alleged theft.

According to the clerk, the man in question came into the store to pay an Oakwood Village Trailer Park resident's Conway Corporation bill when he took the phone.

The clerk said he believed the 37-year-old man took the phone after he walked away from the front counter for a moment.

Upon reviewing surveillance footage, officer Phillip Sweet learned the suspect hid the iPhone 7 underneath some cash that he already had out.

"When [the clerk] walked away from the counter, the male took the phone from the case and tried to hide the phone with the cash," the incident report reads in part. "The male then took the top portion of the bill and put it over the phone to conceal it. The male moved to the next register and continued talking to [the clerk] and put the phone in his pocket."

After visiting the home of the woman whose Conway Corp. bill the suspect paid for, authorities identified the suspect as Javier Ivan Ramirez, the report states.

As of Tuesday, the suspect had not been charged in the matter.

Naked woman charged on suspicion of public intox

A 21-year-old charged last week with public intoxication reportedly slipped out of her handcuffs while in the back of a Conway officer's patrol unit.

According to an incident report, authorities were notified around midnight on May 21 that a possibly intoxicated woman was "running down the street naked" near Hartje Lane and South German Lane.

Police soon found the woman in question standing next to a tree without a shirt on and yelling at the other woman who called CPD, the report states.

As he spoke to 21-year-old Nakeera T. White, officer Deon Clay noted in his report that she smelled strongly of alcohol. The woman denied drinking alcohol prior to the incident but showed signs of impairment following a Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test, according to the report.

After the HGN text, the 21-year-old was handcuffed and put in the back of Clay's patrol unit as he continued investigating the matter. However, once in the back of the patrol car, the report states White wriggled herself out of the handcuffs.

"Moments later, Nakeera slipped out of the handcuff and tried to get out of the vehicle," the report reads in part.

White told police she wanted to get out so she could walk home.

After she tried to free herself, she was charged with public intoxication, the report states.

Online records show that White is scheduled to appear June 8 in Conway District Conway District Court for a plea and arraignment hearing regarding the aforementioned case.