Horseshoe Mountain News

By Gale Garrison

Bethlehem Food Pantry served 129 families on May 20th.

Cheree, Brandon and Brent Holley, Derb and Hope Stone attended homecoming at Union Hill last Sunday.

Our oldest resident in the Shady Grove Community celebrated her 101st birthday on Saturday, May 25th. She attended Sunday School and church at Bethlehem Baptist Church on Sunday. Bro. Danny Fagala surprised her with the congregation singing Happy Birthday. A celebration for family and neighbors was held Sunday afternoon at the home of her daughter, Barbara Glover. Cake, cookies, strawberries, coffee and punch were served.

We hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day weekend.

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Centerville news

By Jennifer Freeman

School is officially out and summer is here! Time flies so much more quickly than it did when I was a child but I guess that is how it goes. I hope everyone has a fun summer with lots of memory making and time to rest. I have several small trips planned and also have lots of little tasks to accomplish before August rolls back around.

Graduation is over for our seniors and plans are being made for college. I know the Greenbrier High School graduation and the Conway High School graduation were both last Sunday and both started at the same time. Greenbrier had 30 seniors graduating with their Associates Degree, which is a pretty big deal.

The Centerville School Reunion will be the last Saturday in June. Everyone is welcome to attend who has any affiliation with either Centerville High School or the Centerville community. The number of graduated students from Centerville that make the reunion is certainly much smaller than it used to be but it is still a great time for remembering when. Planning is still underway for what meal will be served and former attendees should be able to remember when it will occur since the day for the reunion has remained the last Saturday of June since it began.

Have a great week and you are welcome to try Centerville United Methodist Church on Sunday morning at 9 a.m.