Amid a huge college admissions scandal, I find myself wondering if it should be legal to

pay your way into college. Thousands of wealthy American families have been doing this

secretly for decades and getting away with it. So, why not cut out the middleman? I propose that

universities open up spots each year for paid admission.

The main people who benefit from my proposal are the wealthy families who can afford

to pay these universities. To these wealthy families, college tuition is a minor expense and

degrees are accessories for their children. If these families are willing to pay hundreds of

thousands of dollars to obtain admission to a university, then that college’s current admission

fees are way too low. It makes sense to raise the tuition and allow for high payoffs to become


At this point, most readers are probably thinking, “No way! This is so unethical.” But, the

sad truth is that the current admissions policy is just as unfair. Most students would not be able to

make it into top universities without their parents hiring expensive tutors, paying for extra

summer classes, spending hundreds on extracurricular activities that beef up their children’s

resumes, or paying to live in a nice neighborhood that gives their children access to a highly

ranked public school with good teachers. Lower income families cannot afford those privileges,

so the odds are already stacked against them when it comes to receiving admission.

Lower income families are the ones who will be obviously harmed by implementing this

new policy of paying your way in. These families can barely afford the $50 admission fee let


alone the $50,000 a year tuition. The lower class will have an even harder time getting out of

their current socioeconomic status if this policy were to become legal.

I recommend that we make it legal to pay your way in, because this very public scandal

will not stop these wealthy families from paying a lot of money to get their children granted

admission. But there would be a catch in order to offset my proposals unethical nature. These

elite universities could accept very high admission payments for only a certain number of spots.

The university would choose how much these spots cost and the money made from these legal

admission payments would only be allowed to go towards scholarships, research grants, and

other academic programs on campus. Universities already allow scholarships and instate tuition,

so if we are all already paying different prices, why not charge someone 6 million dollars if they

are willing to pay? Under this new admission policy, wealthy families could now legally pay for

their child to go to the university of their dreams, but this money would go towards a good cause,

like toward a student who comes from a low income family who would have never been able to

afford to go to college under the current rules. I believe my proposed policy creates a win-win

situation for everyone involved.