The Conway City Council decided where the city’s next three roundabouts will be constructed during a committee meeting on Tuesday.

After reviewing data from a $35,000 Roundabout feasibility study completed by McClelland Consulting Engineers, Inc. and the results of the city’s Roundabout survey, aldermen decided the next three roundabouts in the city would be at the intersections of Irby Drive and Salem Road; Tyler Street and Salem Road; and College Avenue and Farris Road, in that order.


“We analyzed six intersections with the goal of deciding which ones were the most important to convert to roundabouts,” Transportation Department Director Finley Vinson said.

The six key intersections studied were College Avenue and Farris Road; College Avenue and Prince Street; Prince Street and Country Club Lane; Prince Street and Hogan Lane; Salem Road and Irby Drive; and Tyler Street and Salem Road.

The study evaluated safety, delay and constructability.

“Irby and Salem currently warrants more control than it has,” Vinson told aldermen Tuesday.

After the council decided to make it No. 1 on the list, Vinson requested they prioritize more so that he can start designing the roundabouts.

Vinson will start designing the first roundabout immediately though construction may not begin until early next year. Then he will design the next two roundabouts.

Mayor Bart Castleberry praised Vinson and his team for their overall street improvements, not just roundabouts.

“I know we talk a lot about roundabouts, especially on social media, they generate a lot of interest,” he said. “I also want everybody to know Finley’s crew surfaced 58 streets last year. This year, he’s going to do Stanley Russ, Tyler Street, Morningside, Tucker Creek, South Davis and College. I know you saw a lot of asphalt going down last year and there’s a lot going down this year too. Keep up the good work, Finley.”

To view the 1,100 page feasibility study, visit the Transportation Department’s tab on the city’s website at