From Conway Police Department reports

Resident says clothes were stolen

A Clifton Street resident called police Thursday after learning all of his clothes were stolen from his apartment.

According to an incident report, the 48-year-old Clifton Street Apartments resident called Conway police shortly before 9 p.m. Thursday because his clothes were missing.

The man told officer Steven C. Culliford that he allowed a woman, Amy Brown, to stay at his home "from time to time" and had even given her a key to his apartment. However, the woman recently brought a man, Harold Brown, over to the apartment which caused issues between the two. The complainant said "he had to kick Harold out due to him having some powder substance in his apartment," according to the incident report.

The complainant believes the Browns are responsible for the theft, according to his statement.

The items missing included around 30 2XL and XL shirts, seven pairs of Levi jeans and a Chicago Bulls hat. The hat is all white with red bull horns on it.

According to the initial report, the clothes taken from the complainant's residence were collectively valued at $700.

Golf ball breaks window

An unnamed suspect struck a Conway resident's vehicle with a golf ball Thursday evening, ultimately shattering the woman's window.

Police were called to the Links at Cadron Valley around 9:50 p.m. Thursday regarding an incident involving a golf ball and a woman's vehicle. The complainant told officer Trevor Hardy that she was driving north on Quattlebaum Cove off Irby Drive when suddenly a golf ball stuck her rear window.

The woman saw two people on the golf course and believed they were responsible for the damages to her vehicle. However, upon questioning the two men, Hardy learned another man was also at the golf course on the night in question.

The two men the woman suspected described seeing another man at the golf course, adding that the possible suspect was hitting golf balls toward them, "almost hitting them," the report states.

One of the men said he "tried to flash light from his phone to make the individual aware of their presence," according to his statement. The man also described seeing the man run west toward Irby just after hearing glass break.

Upon inspecting the woman's vehicle as well as the golf ball that went through her window, Hardy said he did not suspect the two men he questioned.

"It was my conclusion that [the two men] would not have been able to hit a golf ball into the rear glass of [the complainant's] vehicle from the position they were in when the damage occurred," he wrote in his report.

At the time the report was filed, damage to the woman's vehicle were estimated at $500.

Conway man says California officer put hex on him

A Conway man requested local authorities to launch a federal investigation against a California officer who he claimed had "hexed" him four years ago.

According to an incident report, the 50-year-old complainant told officer Lois S. Spencer that he was hexed by a police officer in California four years ago. The man said he was arrested by "an officer Calvin Mann" who "gave him a break and entered him into a program that now allows demonic spirits to enter his electronic devices."

The spyware used to allow the demonic spirits in is called Boot Strap Null Venom and Algorithm, the complainant said.

The man told Conway police the software affects his smart TV, cell phones and computer and that the demonic images "are appearing mostly during the night time."

According to the report, the man requested CPD to launch a federal investigation into the matter. After receiving the complaint, officer Spencer gave the Conway man the report number associated with his complaint.