From Conway Police Department

Husband arrested following standoff

A Conway man reportedly led police on a 15-20 minute standoff Friday afternoon.

According to an incident report, authorities were first called around 2 p.m. Friday to a residence on South Center Street regarding a possible domestic issue.

When officer William Lipsmeyer arrived on scene, he could "clearly hear an infant crying through an open window" as he began knocking on the front door. Several minutes passed before anyone answered the door, and as he waited, Lipsmeyer said he could hear an argument but that he was unsure "if it was the television or a live argument."

Eventually, a woman answered the door and told police there were no issues. He husband later walked up and also claimed nothing was wrong, noting the couple was intimately involved when police first arrived, according to the report.

CPD was called back to the residence two and a half hours later because the woman who previously answered the door said she needed a police escort as she packed her belongings.

The woman and her husband were arguing loudly while two small children stood outside when officers arrived on scene. As police stood by to allow the woman to gather her belongings, her husband, 25-year-old Benjamin Prowell Jr., became increasingly angry and aggressive, the report states.

After she gathered her things and the children's belongings, the woman headed out on her way. Officers followed her to help escort her out of town because Prowell also followed behind her, according to the report.

Sgt. Melissa Smith told other officers to arrest Prowell "for harassment that had been committed in our presence" after he continued driving after his wife. Once the woman got on the interstate, police conducted a traffic stop on the 25-year-old's vehicle to get him to stop chasing after her.

"When Benjamin stopped, we got out and did not approach the vehicle because we knew that he had a large metal pipe and a pocket knife that Officer [Hayden] Schmitt noticed while we were at his house earlier," the report reads in part.

Prowell reportedly ignored police commands to get out of his vehicle, ultimately creating 15-20 minute standoff in the middle of Salem Road along Highway 25, which shut down both lanes of traffic, according to the report. Officers "grabbed ahold of him to put handcuffs on him, [Prowell] began to actively fight against us."

Once officers detained the 25-year-old, he requested medical attention. At one point, he told officers he once worked at the detention center and knew "how the system works" and that jail staff would reject him if he claimed to have chest pains. Prowell was ultimately treated at Baptist Health Medical Center before being booked into the county jail.

Records show he faces terroristic threatening, harassment and resisting arrest charges. During a first appearance hearing Monday, District Judge Chris R. Carnahan ordered he remain behind bars in lieu of a $3,895 bond. As of press time Wednesday, the 25-year-old was still behind bars in the county jail.

Ex-boyfriend accused of damaging vehicle

A local woman called police after her ex-boyfriend busted one of her tail light.

According to an incident report, the 30-year-old complainant called police around 8:50 a.m. Saturday after Kendrick Mcewen allegedly busted one of the tail lights on her gray 2006 Infinite M35.

The woman told police the 25-year-old suspect stopped by her residence on the day in question and that they began arguing. When she refused to step outside to speak with Mcewen, the 25-year-old reportedly threatened to "mess up her car."

According to her statement, she watched from a window as the alleged suspect "used a hammer to bust the left rear tail light of her vehicle."

Damages were estimated at $75 at the time the report was filed.