Thursday's rainy forecast did not stop local families from attending the 34th annual Fun Day at Woolly Hollow.

During the annual event, park staff offered free swimming and paddle boating admission to attendees while also sponsoring a number of games and contests including sack races, watermelon seed spitting and bubble gum blowing.

Around 15 children lined up at the head of the swim beach around 1 p.m. Thursday as they eagerly waited for park rangers to hand them a piece of Double Bubble.

Standing shoulder to shoulder, once park staff gave them the OK, children in two separate age groups quickly began chomping away and working to blow the biggest bubble of all.

Some bubbles popped loudly as other children continued to splash in Lake Bennett off in the background as the rains slowed to a drizzle while other bubbles silently disappeared before almost immediately being gobbled up as the competition swung into full gear.

Adi Wyles and Adrianna Bates blew the two largest bubbles for their age group. After getting certificates to prove they were the Top Bubble Blowers, the two posed for a photo and ran off to continue swimming.

Wyles said her favorite part of the day was the bubble-blowing competition.

Brayden Davidson, who placed third in the younger age group said he most enjoyed watching the watermelon seed spitting competition.

Park Superintendent Matt Woodard said the annual event is a great way to allow local families to gather and enjoy the many amenities offered at the park. Despite the rainy forecast, he said he was glad to see a great turnout Thursday.

Recently-retired superintendent Steve Wilson attended the event, noting it was always one of his favorite park events.

"Fun Day is always a lot of fun," Wilson told the Log Cabin Democrat.

Wilson said the event was initially created to allow families who could not afford participating in park activities to have a day of fun.

"We started offering swimming and the paddle boating for free and it gave [many families] the opportunity to enjoy the park," he said.

Alicia Casteel brought her children and other family members and friends out to Woolly Hollow on Thursday for the event.

As her daughter Berklee jumped onto a paddle boat with her cousin Alana Caple and friend Haley Yarbrough, she waved them goodbye. The girls giggled as they paddled around the perimeter of the swimming area.

Alicia said she and her family has attended the annual event in the past, and each year, they most enjoy getting on the paddle boats.