Officials were fearful the Lollie Levee would breach Friday. However, on Saturday the levee continued holding back flood waters.

"It's looking good," Conway spokesman Bobby M. Kelly III said Saturday afternoon.

An alert was issued late Thursday warning those living in the Lollie Bottoms area that a breech in the levee was expected. The next day, County Judge Jim Baker said officials believed the levee would breech around midnight Friday.

Despite concerns, the levee continued holding strong through the flood.

The levee held back waters through the night, and the Arkansas River's waters continued receding. Kelly said the news was finally looking good.

"She's a shell of her former self, but she's still holding strong," he said of the Lollie Levee. "The good news is that the Arkansas River flood waters continue to recede. We feel excellent about that."

while things are starting to look up, officials aren't taking a break yet.

"We're not 100% out of the woods just yet," Kelly said. "Water is still on the levee and it's still eroding ... [just] not as bad as it was the last few days."

Officials will continue monitoring the levee around the clock through Monday.

"We've got eyes and ears on the levee," Kelly said. "We're continuing to monitor it 24 hours a day. We feel a whole lot better than we did [Friday]."

With a high risk that the levee would breech and a rainy forecast ahead, local officials also took action to protect those living along Tucker Creek.

City officials built a dam over the creek along Donnell Ridge Road and began pumping out water to combat a flood threat that was expected for the Tucker Creek area.

Others across the county who were worried their homes along Lake Conway would be affected by the rising waters noted Saturday that they could tell the water levels had receded.

While there is noticeable difference in the lake's water levels, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said Saturday that "it will take several days before the lake drops below flood stage."

According to a Code Red notification issued Saturday regarding the lake, the Lake Conway area was still under a flood warning.

As of Saturday afternoon, officials said the waters were at 267.71 feet and that waters were going down about 3.4 inches a day.

AGFC officials expect the lake to continue receding through the week.

"Rain chances are low for the next eight days," officials said. "This will aid with the evacuation of water from Lake Conway."

Roadways across the county remained under water through the weekend. However, many streets have begun to re-open for motorists as water levels decline.

County Attorney David Hogue said after learning the lake had crested and waters had begun to recede, officials would be able to start cleaning up the flood's devastation.

"Somewhat miraculously, the river water has receded at a similar pace with the levee, resulting in the river staying on its own side," he said. "The clean up effort begins."