Faulkner County launched a hotline to help with the flood recovery effort.

The hotline is 501-358-4442. Anyone who wants to donate money or volunteer to help with the recovery can call the hotline.

Likewise, flood victims who want to apply for assistance can do so by calling the hotline.

For residents who wonder what to do with sandbags on their property, County Attorney David Hogue said the first option is to “break them and distribute the sand through your yard.”

For those who opt not to do that, Hogue said dry sandbags — those that didn’t touch the floodwater — must be separated from wet sandbags — touched by floodwater — as the latter are considered hazardous waste.

“Return dry sandbags to the place where you picked them up,” Hogue said. “Place wet sandbags in the right of way for the County to pick-up. If you cannot return the dry sandbags to the pick-up spot, place then on the right of way, but separate from the wet ones.”

For debris, Hogue encouraged residents that have flood insurance to “contract with a reliable company to repair your property and remove the debris.”

“If you do the work yourself, place the debris on the right of way, but do so with patience and an understanding that it may be weeks before all the debris in the county is picked up,” he said.

For more disaster tips from Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s office, visit https://arkansasag.gov and click on the Arkansas River Flood Information at the top of the page.