The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will have inspectors and disaster survivor teams in Faulkner County soon to help flood victims get connected with assistance.

“Inspections occur once survivors register with FEMA. They are an essential part of the recovery process for those who need to make their primary residences livable again or have serious personal property loss,” FEMA Region 6 spokesman Robin Smith said.

The team will go door-to-door to answer questions and help residents apply for state and federal assistance as well as refer them to community partners.

Smith urged residents to be vigilant to avoid possible scammers.

“If you’re meeting a FEMA representative in person, ask to see their identification badge. All federal employees carry official, laminated photo identification,” Smith said. “FEMA shirts, hats and jackets do not make them official.”

The FEMA inspectors will require verification of a homeowner’s identity.

“Homeowners and renters should make sure their contact information is up to date and have access to a telephone,” Smith said. “They will need to have a photo identification and proof of ownership or a lease.”

The inspectors will already have the resident’s FEMA registration number, which Smith warns not to give out.

“Keep your FEMA registration number safe. Do not share it with others,” Smith said. “Beware of individuals charging a fee to apply for disaster assistance, provide a home inspection or any other service. Neither FEMA nor Small Business Administration staff inspectors require banking information or payment in any form. They also do not determine eligibility or dollar amounts of assistance.”

In addition to Faulkner County, FEMA will teams on the ground throughout Conway, Crawford, Jefferson, Perry, Pulaski, Sebastian, and Yell counties.

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