From Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office reports

Wife upset with husband over errand running

The sheriff’s office was called to a residence in Mount Vernon last week after a couple began arguing with each other over errands.

According to an incident report, deputy Steve Sumner was called out around 10:30 p.m. May 30 after a woman said her husband began acting aggressively during an argument that night.

Once he arrived on scene, the woman told deputy Sumner that her husband “pushed her and threw a cup of water on her” after she “yelled at him and flipped him off.”

In her statement, she said there was a mark on her neck that was caused during the scuffle, adding that her husband had left the home prior to authorities arriving on scene.

After looking over what authorities determined to be a “week old hickey mark” and not an injury, police called the woman’s husband back to the home to get his side of the story.

The 44-year-old man told deputy Sumner that his wife was upset with him “because he did not complete everything while running errands” earlier that day. In his statement, the man said he was sitting in his recliner when his wife “came at him in a threatening manner so he got up, spun her around [and] spilled the water over both of them” before leaving the residence.

Sumner provided the couple with an incident number associated with he report he would right regarding dispute between the two and also counseled them briefly, according to the report.

“I counseled both parties about the importance of handling themselves like adults and being positive role models for their children,” the incident report reads in part, adding the couple “agreed to handle themselves in a more civil manner.”

Sturgis Road residence reportedly burglarized

A Conway woman called May 31 police after learning her mother’s home was burglarized last month.

According to an incident report, the homeowner had left for North Carolina in mid-May and had asked her son to watch after the Sturgis Road residence while she was away.

The alleged victim’s daughter called authorities around 7:30 p.m. May 31 from the home, saying it appeared someone had broken into her mother’s residence.

According to the complainant, her brother was arrested one week after he began looking after the home due to outstanding warrants against him. The woman said that after her brother was arrested, she went to check on their mother’s home and discovered several items were missing.

Her brother claimed the key to the home was left on a table inside the residence. However, the complainant told deputy Michael Lee she was unable to find the key inside and that “both the front and rear doors were locked by padlock.”

While it did not appear anyone had forced themselves inside the Sturgis Road home, the woman said it was clear someone had been inside sifting through her mother’s belongings.

“[The complainant] stated when she opened the door she could tell multiple items … were missing and the residence had been ransacked,” the incident report reads in part. “[The woman] stated she was not sure if [her brother] had anything to do with it prior to his arrest or if somebody he knew did it.”

Deputy Lee took photos to keep as evidence regarding the break-in, adding in his report there were “multiple areas [that] had been gone through inside the residence.”

Among items stolen during the incident were two TVs, medications and jewelry. At the time the report was filed, the stolen items were collectively valued at $3,478.