From Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office reports

Conway man accused of showing up at ex-girlfriend’s home

Authorities were called to Williams Ranch Road after a woman’s ex-boyfriend welcomed himself into the her home and began yelling while her children were sleeping.

According to an incident report, the Conway woman called police shortly before 11:30 p.m. June 1, saying her sister’s ex-boyfriend “had walked into the residence, began yelling and was pulling his own hair.”

The suspect, 28-year-old Joshua Allen Gamon, had left the scene before deputies arrived on scene. The woman who called police said he had walked inside and began yelling even though there were eight children sleeping at the time.

Gamon appeared intoxicated, according to the report, and was upset that his ex-girlfriend “had another man … at the residence.”

Witnesses described Gamon’s actions as something they would see “on the Jerry Springer Show.”

The complainant said Gamon never threatened her or other individuals at the home, but confirmed she was concerned and upset that he “had just shown up and walked into the residence uninvited.”

Authorities searched the area for the suspect’s maroon Ford pickup truck but were unable to locate him after speaking with the alleged victims, according to the report.

Woman shows up at Greenbrier home, refuses to leave

A Greenbrier resident called the sheriff’s office last weekend after a woman showed up on her porch and continued beating on her door.

The West Hills Road resident called authorities around 5:40 p.m. June 2, stating the woman in question walked up her driveway, started beating on the door and had refused to leave, according to an incident report.

By the time deputy Charles Wilks arrived, the 39-year-old suspect was walking up the driveway, the report states.

The woman, Monique Sincere Roberts, told Wilks she took a taxi to the home so she could see her boyfriend. Once she was told that authorities received a complaint about her banging on the door and refusing to leave, she replied: “Yes, I knocked on the door to see if my boyfriend was here.”

“[M]y boyfriend’s wife was not happy I was here and probably called y’all,” she reportedly said.

The homeowner who called police asked Wilks to have Roberts banned from her Greenbrier home, adding that while Roberts did not hit her, she “did make an aggressive gesture as if she was going to fight.”

Wilks gave the woman the incident number associated with the report and told her how to obtain a no contact order against the 39-year-old suspect if she wished to do so. From there, Wilks had Roberts walk back to her taxi and told her not to return to the residence in question, the report states.

“Once Ms. Roberts got into the taxi, she left the area and said she would not come back,” the report states.