From Conway Police Department reports

Suspect steals hub caps, 1 tire

A Clifton Street called police Tuesday afternoon after noticing someone stole the hub caps off her vehicle. A tire was also stolen off her vehicle, according to an incident report.

The 28-year-old complainant reported the thefts at 4:53 p.m. Tuesday.

While speaking with officer Haley Hudson over the phone, the Clifton Street resident said she noticed the items were missing around 4:30 p.m. While walking to her maroon 2005 Hyundai Sonata from her apartment when she “immediately noticed that all four of her hub caps were missing, and that her back, driver’s side tire was also gone.”

The woman did not have any suspects in mind and, according to the report, there was “no sign of forced entry into the vehicle or any indiction that it was entered otherwise.”

The stolen items were collectively valued at $135, the report states.

Conway woman accused of violating no contact order

A Conway resident called CPD on Tuesday after a woman she has a no contact order against called her asking for a ride.

According to an incident report, the 37-year-old complainant called police around 5:15 p.m. Tuesday to notify authorities a woman she has a no contact order had violated the order.

The complaint told police she has an active no contact order against Tera Leos. The 31-year-old suspect allegedly called the complainant shortly after 4 p.m. on the day in question.

The complainant said she did not know the suspect had called her when she answered her phone, because she had received a call from “an unknown number.”

“After answering, she discovers that the caller was Leos and that Leos was attempting to ask her if she would come pick her up from Cracker Barrel,” the report states.

According to her statement, the complainant told the other woman “the two were not supposed to be speaking per the restrictions of the no contact order and subsequently ended the call.”

Officer Hudson gave the complainant the incident number associated with the report and told her how to file charges regarding the alleged violation if she wished to do so, the report states.

Trespassing call leads to additional charge

A 49-year-old man was banned from the Best Western hotel Tuesday shortly after he reportedly lied to police about who he was.

Hotel employees called the police department shortly after 5:30 p.m. Tuesday regarding a homeless man who was “trespassing” at the hotel, according to an incident report.

Officer Sandra M. Keefe recognized the man in question as she walked up to talk to him about the hotel’s complaint. However, he “became very angry” when she called him by name, the report states.

The man said he was not Raymond Harris and claimed to be Larry Smith, adding that “Mr. Harris has stolen is ID and credit cards.” The suspect told police he was forced “to change his name because of [Raymond Harris].”

However, when asked when his birthday was so officers could positively identify him, the man only said it “was in 1971 and Mr. Harris’s birthday was in 1969.” The man was ultimately arrested on suspicion of obstruction of governmental operations because he “refused to cooperate” with officers on scene.

While at the jail, authorities learned the man was in fact 49-year-old Raymond Harris. Due to overcrowding issues, he was not booked into the county jail but received a citation for allegedly obstructing governmental operations. His plea and arraignment hearing was set for Sept. 16 in Conway District Court.