From Conway Police Department reports

Resident scammed of $700

A Conway resident who received a phone call from a man posing as a special agent with Homeland Security was scammed out of $700 on Thursday.

According to an incident report, the 65-year-old complainant went to the police department Thursday afternoon after receiving at least two phone calls from the scammer.

The man told officer Lois Spencer he first received a voicemail from “Homeland Security” that he owed money to the Social Security Administration and that he needed “to resolve the matter immediately.”

The scammer, who called the Conway man using the number 1-855-412-0222, claimed the complainant had a warrant issued against him because he owed $1,700, according to the report.

“Agent John Miller” first told the Conway man to send over $700 on four Ebay gift cards. The complainant admitted that after he loaded the cards, he “supplied Agent Miller with the card numbers.”

“Later, he was contacted to obtain more cards for the amount of $1,000,” the report states. However, at this point the Conway man instead went to the police department to file a fraud report.

Suspect uses stolen checks in Conway

An unknown suspect reportedly stole a Little Rock man’s checkbook and fraudulently used two checks to pay for supplies at Satterfield Oil Company in Conway.

The 55-year-old complainant told police the checks used were tied to an account “that had been closed since 2011,” according to an incident report.

The checkbook was issued to the complainant and his brother, who died in 2005. The complainant said his brother’s belongings have been in storage since he died but that he began clearing the storage unit in April. While throwing items away, the man said he destroyed “anything with personal information, including checkbooks” but somehow, someone has since begun using his old checks.

The first check was used on May 23 at Satterfield Oil Company. The suspect used the stolen check to pay for $40.33 worth of items, signing the check using the complainant’s name, the report states. The second check was written out for $72 at the same businesses but was signed using the complainant’s late brother’s name, according to the report.

In his statement, the complainant said he has reached out to Satterfield Oil Company regarding the incident. According to officer Hannah M. Fleming’s report, the business has not filed a report regarding the complainant’s claims.

Man visiting friend at hospital arrested on public intox charge

A Conway man who went to the Baptist Health Medical Center to visit with a friend was arrested and charged with public intoxication after he admitted to driving to the hospital while intoxicated.

Ryan James Piechowski, 57, faces one count of public intoxication, a Class C misdemeanor, following the incident.

According to an incident report, hospital staff called police because they believed he was intoxicated. Once officer Michael V. Johnson arrived on scene and began talking to the 57-year-old, he “immediately smelled the odor of intoxicants [emanating] from his person,” the report states.

“Piechowski’s speech was slurred and running together,” Johnson’s report reads in part. “While speaking with him, he stated that he had driven from Mitchell Street to the hospital to check in on a friend that was staying at the hospital.”

The report also states that Piechowski “admitted to having driven while knowingly intoxicated.”

Johnson said he believed “it was imperative to arrest him for public intoxication” for his safety as well as for the public’s safety.