From Conway Police Department reports

Perryville man threatens gynecologist

Authorities were called to the Conway OBGYN center Friday morning after a man reportedly called the facility multiple times and began threatening employees over the phone.

According to an incident report, Michael Baker, 29, of Perryville reportedly called the clinic “over and over” asking to talk to a patient at the facility. The woman was his fiancé, he said.

The officer manager at the clinic called police shortly after 10:30 a.m. because Baker “at one point threatened to come tot he clinic and kick in the front door to get inside.”

The man’s fiancé reportedly told employees that Baker “had been texting threats to her” and that she did not want to talk to him.

Because the 29-year-old allegedly “made statements that he was going to hurt himself,” Conway police asked Perryville Police Department officers to go check on the man at his home, according to officer Matthew R. Boyd’s report.

As officers conducted the welfare check at Bakers Perryville home, the 29-year-old told police “he was fine and didn’t have a gun.”

Boyd spoke with Baker over the phone from the clinic and “informed him that a report was being filed for hi calling multiple times and the threat that he made.” The Perryville man also was told not to call the clinic again, according to the report.

Prior to leaving the scene, officer Boyd gave the office manager the incident number associated with the report and told her how to file charges against Baker if she wished to do so.

An additional threat report was filed regarding the text messages the Perryville man allegedly sent his fiancé.

According to a report, the 29-year-old told his fiancé “We are done be prepared for a bullet” and also mentioned that he was “on [his] way with a rifle.”

LR woman reports January incident

A Little Rock woman on Friday filed a report regarding a January incident where a Conway resident walked up to her while holding a gun.

The 41-year-old complainant told officer Colton Thomas around 11:25 a.m. Friday that on Jan. 11, “she was sitting in her car in the parking lot of Comfort Inn and Suites when she was approached by Kimberly Madden.”

According to her statement, the 36-year-old Conway woman “was holding a gun in her hand when she approached her vehicle.”

The complainant said the suspect got about 5 feet from her vehicle when she “turned around and walked away.” The Conway woman never made any verbal threats during the incident and did not point the gun at her, the complainant said.

The next day, the complainant said she confronted the Conway woman about the incident and the woman told her “she believed her son was in the vehicle and that is why she approached the vehicle,” according to the report.

The complainant told officer Thomas she has not talked to the Conway woman since the incident occurred, the report states.