In April, residents of Brookside Village Mobile Home Community were given June 30 eviction notices. 

Now, just a few days shy of that end date, groups aiding are scrambling to count numbers, cover final details, go over concerns and more as Sunday draws near. 

Representatives from the City of Hope Outreach, the Conway Ministry Center and several other nonprofits met together for their last coordination meeting on Wednesday morning at Zeteo Coffee in downtown Conway. 

Amber McPeters, CoHo administration, gave the group a rundown of numbers:

• 31 owners and 29 renters have moved.

• 61.2% of the park is gone. 

• 16 owners and one renter, 17 families, funded with move dates.

• 9.2% are funded but don’t have a move day.

• 7 other families they have interacted with, but haven’t seen in weeks, seem to have it taken care of. 

“Over half of the park is moved and the majority is lined up, ready to go,” McPeters said. 

She said they have continued to drive through the park, looking at trailers each day, keeping an eye out to see who is moving and who isn’t and what still needs to be done, staying on top of everything as the deadline comes. 

Out of the more than $38,000 given to the cause through the Brookside Family Fund, St. Joseph Church to its parishoners or monies given by other nonprofits or private donors, Osmar A. Garcia, of Garcia Wealth Management, said they had depleted all funds, but Fletcher said they had recently received around a $3,000 donation that would help with a couple of the dwindling needs and families who hadn’t received financial support so far. 

“I think what we’re running out of more than anything else is time,” Maret Wicks, executive director of United Way of Faulkner County, said. 

Feeling the tight schedule, Fletcher told the group he had plans to meet with owner and landlord Bruce Keathley on Wednesday afternoon to plead with him for a two-week extension to accommodate both families and movers who might be off during the Fourth of July holiday. 

“Hopefully he’s reasonable in that,” he said. “If not, I’ll pursue another course of action. Put more pressure on him.”

Others present asked Fletcher what Plan B might look like if Keathley turned down the request but Fletcher did not have an answer.