From Conway Police Department reports

Trent Management employee threatened by tenant

A Conway man who works for Trent Management Group called police Wednesday after a tenant allegedly made a threatening gesture toward him.

According to an incident report, the 34-year-old complainant delivered an eviction notice to a resident on Dendron Street when the individual “became irate and began loudly screaming expletives and other obscenities” at him.

The notice was dropped off around 2:45 p.m. Wednesday, the report states.

Once the tenant began yelling obscenities, the complainant said he decided to leave. As he walked to his vehicle, the tenant “made a gun gesture” with his hand before proceeding to act as if he was firing off a “weapon” at him, the complainant said in a statement to officer Haley Hudson.

The complainant told Hudson these gestures made him feel “as if physical injury was imminent.”

Hudson gave the complaint the incident number associated with the report and told him how he could file a no-contact order against the suspect if he wished to do so.

Ex-boyfriend accused of trying to run woman off the road

An El Dorado woman filed a report against her ex-boyfriend Wednesday afternoon regarding an April incident where the suspect tried to run her off the road.

According to the incident report, the 20-year-old woman went to the police department on Wednesday because her ex-boyfriend had allegedly violated a no-contact order she had issued against him.

A no-contact order was filed against 21-year-old Christopher E. Terrell Jr. after he reportedly attacked the complainant on April 26. According to a previous report, Terrell had choked the complainant and also “banged her against the wall and hit her in the ribs.”

Since then, the woman said Terrell “began incessantly calling her cell phone from blocked phone numbers and refuses to leave her alone.”

The woman also informed police of an incident that occurred April 19 where Terrell allegedly tried to run her off the road. In her statement, she recalled leaving the University of Central Arkansas when she noticed Terrell was following her in his vehicle. She could tell Terrell was following her because he was “breaking multiple traffic laws in the process of catching up to her,” she said.

As she merged onto Interstate 40 on the day in question, Terrell drove up next to her, “rolled his window down and began screaming obscenities at her while flossing crude hand gestures in her direction.”

The woman was able to give officer Haley E. Hudson video evidence of the incident, according to the report.

The alleged victim said Terrell also sped up in front of her and began “brake-checking” her while “attempting to run her off of the road in order to cause serious injury or death,” the report states. The woman said she did not immediately report the incident because she “was just trying to avoid him” but that he has been harassing her from blocked numbers since she had a no-contact order placed against him.

As she spoke with officer Hudson about the incident, the woman received several calls from a blocked number. At one point, the report states Hudson answered the phone and identified herself as an officer. When she did so, the man on the other end of the line “quickly ended the call.”

According to the report, Terrell faces an aggravated assault charge following the incident.

Suspect steals truck radio

An unknown suspect reportedly broke into a vehicle on Herford Street and stole the vehicle’s radio.

According to an incident report, a 24-year-old Conway man called police Thursday afternoon after learning someone broke into his red 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 and stole his radio. The suspect also broke the dashboard during the incident, the report states.

The complaint told officer Austin C. Miller he left his truck at the home for three days before learning it was burglarized. The man said he’d locked the truck and could see “there was a little bit of pain missing at the top right corner of the driver door where [the suspects] were able to unlock the door with an unlock kit.”

The stolen radio was valued at $750, according to the report.