From Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office reports

Resident receives threatening messages

A Greenbrier woman reportedly was threatened by her child’s father on Saturday.

According to an incident report, the alleged victim’s mother called the sheriff’s office around 4 p.m. Saturday after learning her 23-year-old daughter had received threatening messages.

At this point, deputy Caleb Reed asked to speak with the alleged victim regarding the matter.

The Greenbrier woman said her child’s father, an Atkins resident, was sending her threatening messages and that she was worried. One of the messages 25-year-old Thomas Ayre Johnson allegedly sent stated: “[S]omeone near and dear to you is going to get killed.”

Reed gave the woman the incident number associated with the report after speaking with her about the incident so that she could pursue charges against Johnson if she wished to do so.

Greenbrier man accused of pushing young boy

A 30-year-old Greenbrier man is behind bars and facing assault charges after reportedly admitting to using methamphetamine and pushing an 8-year-old child.

Authorities were called to a residence along Highway 65 shortly before 3:30 p.m. Saturday regarding a man who appeared drunk who was “throwing things from an SUV” as a woman and her child walked away, according to an incident report.

Soon after deputies Kenneth Hollis and Richard McKay arrived on scene, Christopher David Bremer admitted “he had taken methamphetamine approximately 3-4 hours earlier.” Bremer also claimed his girlfriend had also used methamphetamine prior to the disturbance.

According to the report, Bremer appeared to be under the influence of a stimulant because he “was scratching at his arms, his teeth were grinding, he didn’t appear to be able to sit still and he was talking non-stop.”

The 30-year-old also “began yelling that he hadn’t hit anyone and that he had just been arguing” with his girlfriend. However, the child at the house told police that Bremer “shoved him into the oven” before yelling at his mother.

The 8-year-old’s mother told police she did not use methamphetamine that day, adding that “she had last used methamphetamine three or four days prior. The woman told authorities on scene that she and Bremer were arguing over a flat tire when Bremer reportedly “cornered her in the bedroom, tearing her shirt off.”

According to deputy Hollis’ report, the young boy looked up at the deputy and said “Sir, isn’t this a sad bedroom” while looking into a bedroom that had “only a recliner and a floor fan” in it.

Authorities also noted the home “was a disaster.”

Based on what the 8-year-old and his mother told deputies, Bremer was arrested and charged with one count each of first- and second-degree assault on a family or household member.

While headed to the jail, Bremer reportedly told deputy Hollis that he needed anger management and admitted to pushing the young boy.

“I never hit anybody, all I did was push the kid … I told the kid he wasn’t going to talk to me that way,” Bremer allegedly said.

Hollis also noted in his report that Bremer said he couldn’t control his temper after using meth.

Online records show that Bremer remains behind bars in the Faulkner County Detention Center in lieu of a $2,000 bond.

The Greenbrier man is scheduled to appear next Aug. 19 in Faulkner County Circuit Court for a plea and arraignment hearing regarding the allegations against him.

Family feud over utility costs

Deputies were called to a Windwood Loop residence regarding two men who were arguing over utilities.

The complainant told police he was upset that his ex-son-in-law cut off the power to his home, according to an incident report.

The homeowner admitted to cutting off the power and water to the complainant’s home because the man “did not pay him,” adding that he allows his former father-in-law to stay at the residence in question and charges him $100 each month for utilities.

Before authorities left the scene, the homeowner agreed to turn the utilities back on. It was apparent the two “calmed down” at this point, according to the report.