From Conway Police Department reports

Suspect tricks cashier

An unnamed suspect reportedly stole money from a cashier at Sam’s Club after accusing the woman of miscounting the money he gave her.

According to an incident report, the store’s loss prevention officer called police Monday regarding the incident that occurred the day before.

The loss prevention officer told officer Steven J. Spurgers that a “Middle Eastern” man was at the store around noon on Sunday and purchased two iPad Pros, as well as warranties for both.

The total due was $2,147.56, and the suspect proceeded to lay “what he claimed to be” $2,200 in cash on the counter, the report states.

As the clerk began counting the money, the suspect “got confrontational and accused her of miscounting” the money. As he began accusing the woman of counting the money wrong, the suspect “then began counting a stack of money that she had already looked through,” the report states.

After he counted the money, the man slipped some of the cash into his left pocket. However, employees did not notice this at the time. Instead, the clerk handed the man $52.77 in change.

Once employees learned of the incident, the loss prevention officer called the police department.

New business owner uses wrong sealant indoors

The Conway Fire Department was called Monday morning to check on one of the businesses at 801 Hogan Lane after receiving complaints of a possible chemical leak.

According to an incident report, the smell was coming from Suite 100 and complaints were called in around 8 a.m.

Once firefigthers arrived on scene, they “verified the chemical smell,” traced which suite it was coming from and began working to get inside the business. Suite 100 belongs to a new business that has not yet been labeled, the report states.

Firefighters found a lockbox, where they got a key to get inside the building. Once inside, the report states, officials “discovered that the new owners had used a floor sealant that was marked clearly on top as exterior use only.”

According to a Conway Police Department officer’s report, the store owner arrived on scene while firefighters worked to ventilate the surrounding businesses.

A fire captain pulled the business owner aside and told him the sealant was for outside use only, and that the department “brought in fans and attempted to ventilate all the suites.”

RV at storage unit burglarized

A Conway man called police Monday evening after learning an RV he had at Conway U-Storage was burglarized.

The man went by the facility on Prince Street around 6:30 p.m. Monday to check on the RV. However, according to an incident report, once inside he “noticed several items out of place.”

As he looked around, the complainant suddenly noticed what he believed to be the perpetrator sleeping on the bed at the back of the vehicle. At this point, the report states, the man locked the RV and called police.

Conway officer Matthew W. Edgmon searched the vehicle and found what the complainant believed to be a sleeping suspect was actually “a mound of blankets that the suspect had piled on the bed.”

After searching through the vehicle, authorities learned the suspect(s) made off with “an assortment of towels and blankets, $100 cash from a cabinet above the driver’s seat, and the radio/computer module from the front dash, and a spare set of keys to the RV.”

Police evaluated the RV and looked for fingerprints. However, as they dusted for fingerprints, they learned all the fingerprints left behind were made by someone who was wearing gloves, according to the report.