From Conway Police Department reports

Shoplifter seeks steaks

A Conway woman faces a theft of property charge after allegedly attempting to make off with more than $150 worth of steaks from 10Box Cost-Plus on Monday.

Milissa Jean Freeman, 23, faces one count of theft of property, a Class A misdemeanor, after an employee told police she saw the Conway woman hide several ribeye steaks in a tote bag before fleeing the store.

Two Conway officers were watching traffic along Harkrider Street from the 10Box parking lot when the employee called police regarding the incident. In his report, officer Steven J. Spurgers said as soon as the call was made, he looked up to see “a store employee running north through the parking lot.”

The employee chased after Freeman, who was headed toward Arby’s. According to the report, employees attempted to confront the 23-year-old about the steaks as she walked toward the front doors when Freeman “refused to stop and talk to staff and exited the store with the merchandise.”

Freeman dropped a cart and the bag of steaks as she fled the scene, according to the report.

Spurgers found the abandoned bag and described it as “a very large, patterned tote bag full of steaks.” Spurgers brought the stolen goods back to the store, the report states.

Officer Austin C. Miller saw Freeman running past Arby’s and took off after her. After she ran out past the parking lot, Miller got out of his vehicle and chased after the 23-year-old, according to the report.

“I drove around the parking lot and the female ran behind a red shop building. I got out of the car and ran behind the building and advised her to stop,” Miller wrote in his report. “The female turned to look at me, then jumped onto the front porch of a house. I advised she needed to stop and when I cam around the corner, she was just standing there.”

Freeman was ultimately arrested and taken to the Faulkner County Detention Center following the incident. Online records show the 23-year-old is scheduled appear July 25 in Conway District Court for a plea and arraignment hearing regarding the allegations against her.

Woman accused of stealing friend’s saddle

Conway officers were called Tuesday morning to the Skyline Inn after a woman who lived at the motel reported her ex-roommate stole her saddle.

According to an incident report, the complainant had lived with the suspect until the two got into an argument. After she moved to a separate motel room, the complainant told officer Tanner E. Williams she learned one of her saddles valued at $500 was missing.

The woman said she learned the saddle was missing when a neighbor told her Martha H. Michaels left the area in a Yellow Cab taxi. The neighbor saw Michaels walk toward the taxi as the cab driver carried one of the complainant’s saddles, according to the woman’s statement.

Police tracked down the taxi Michaels fled in and learned she attempted to take the saddle to a local pawn shop. The cab driver told police that when the pawn shop rejected the saddle, Michaels asked him to drive her to a different pawn shop in Mayflower.

Once police contacted the manager of Conway Yellow Cab regarding the incident, the manager reportedly instructed the employee to meet with officers in the Baptist Health Medical Center parking lot. While the employee headed toward the hospital, he learned the woman did not have money to pay her fare, the report states.

Once officers arrived on scene, Michaels immediately told Williams she was “taking the saddle back to her now.”

Authorities had also learned that Michaels reportedly asked the cab driver to carry the saddle to his vehicle for her because the 63-year-old was “unable” to carry it.

Michaels faces theft of property and theft of services charges following the incident, according to the report.