A 36-year-old Conway man faces felony charges after reportedly breaking into his girlfriend’s apartment and hitting the woman and her 1-year-old child on Thursday.

Robert Charles Wake, 36, was ordered Friday morning to remain behind bars in lieu of a $35,000 bond. Online records show he was jailed shortly after 6 p.m. Thursday and that he posted bond Saturday afternoon.

The Conway man was formally charge Friday with two felony charges — second-degree domestic batter and first-degree criminal mischief — as well as one misdemeanor-levee domestic battery charge after he allegedly broke into a Germantown Apartments residence and hit his girlfriend and her young child.

According to the felony probable cause affidavit filed against Wake, the Conway Police Department was called to the apartment complex around 5 p.m. Thursday regarding the disturbance. Officer Johnathan Vince was first to arrive on scene and quickly found “broken glass all over the ground” in the parking lot near the alleged victim’s apartment.

As he walked up to the alleged victim’s apartment, Vince noted the door frame “was clearly severely damaged and pieces of the door frame were located approximately 5-6 feet into the apartment.”

Wake’s girlfriend was sitting on a couch inside the apartment when authorities arrived on scene. The 24-year-old woman “had tears running down her cheeks” as she handed her 1-year-old daughter to police, asking them to assess her child for injuries, the report states.

The woman said she needed police to assess her daughter “due to the fact that her boyfriend [struck] her in the stomach.”

The child began “squirming” when she was handed to officer Vince, so instead, he asked the young child’s mother to hold her as he looked her over. As he assessed the baby, Vince noted a mark on the child’s abdomen, according to the report.

Following the assessment, the woman told police Wake showed up at her apartment and kicked in the front door to her residence and “smashed” her windshield. According to her statement, Wake had been drinking since 3 a.m. that day.

During the incident, the woman said Wake also “struck her in the face with a closed fist.”

The alleged victim told authorities she was holding her child when Wake “initially approached her in an aggressive manner and grabbed her.” As he became more aggressive, the woman said she placed her daughter on the far end of the couch. Soon after she put the young child on the couch, the woman said Wake “approach[ed] the child and struck her.”

Wake appeared Friday morning before District Judge Chris R. Carnahan, who ultimately approved the $35,000 bond that deputy prosecutor Cody Arnold requested be issued against the 36-year-old.

During the brief hearing, Carnahan also issued a no contact order against Wake. The no contact order bars Wake from communicating with the alleged victim and her young daughter.

“You can remain in the free world as long as you have no contact with them,” Carnahan said.

Wake is scheduled to appear next on July 22 in Faulkner County Circuit Court for a plea and arraignment hearing regarding the allegations against him.