Two Conway Police Department officers rescued nine pups that were abandoned Sunday along Amity Road.

CPD spokesman LaTresha Woodruff said a woman in the area spotted the puppies behind a dealership on Amity Road and alerted authorities. From there, officers Austin Miller and Steven Spurgers were quick to jump on the lead and check on the pups.

“Both officers, Austin Miller and Steven Spurgers, have a lot of love for animals and jumped into action to get those puppies to a safe place,” Woodruff told the Log Cabin Democrat.

The Conway Animal Welfare Unit worked quickly to treat the puppies after Miller and Spurgers rescued them.

“The animal welfare unit should also be commended for the work that the folks there do in these situations,” Woodruff said. “There was one kennel tech there who received the nine puppies. The tech had to give nine vaccinations, rid them all of fleas, give nine baths and make a place for them to recover.”

It took a lot of work to make sure the pups found in a plastic tote were OK. According to the Conway Animal Welfare Unit, the pups are 10-12 weeks old and believed to be a Terrier mix.

Authorities believe the animals were intentionally dumped where they were found, but now the pups are available for adoption.

Woodruff said each of the nine rescues is doing well and also that employees at the animal welfare unit took the time to give each of the dogs a name.

Shona Osborne, who is director of the Conway Animal Welfare Unit, said the facility names all the animals it receives “because [CAWU employees] want to give them an identity rather than just an identifying number.”

The puppies were named: Miera, Janey, Hannah, Goldie, Davina, Frannie, Saint, Georgia and Josie. Saint is the only male in the litter.

To contact the Conway Animal Welfare Unit about adopting the pups, call 501-450-6160.