From Conway Police Department reports

Whispering Pines residence burglarized

An unknown suspect broke into an apartment at the Park at Whispering Pines and stole a 57-year-old woman’s medications.

According to an incident report, police were called just before noon Friday regarding the incident after the resident came home to find one of the windows of her home was busted and it appeared her home had been burglarized.

Authorities cleared the home but did not find anyone hiding inside the apartment. While searching the home, officers found glass “all over the floor and side table directly under the window” that was busted, the report states. While it was clear the perpetrator busted the window, the rest of the home “appeared to be completely untouched,” with the acceptation of the complainant’s bedroom.

Detectives first attempted to obtain DNA evidence from the scene before allowing the 57-year-old woman to look through her room and determine what was stolen. According to the report, it appeared the suspect “knew what they were looking for and where it was located” due to the limited amount of damages.

The woman, who had just returned home after following a four-night hospitalization, said she suspected a neighbor was responsible for the break-in.

Other than the apartment manager and a maintenance worker, no one at the apartment complex knew the woman was in the hospital when her home was burglarized, she said.

The woman also told Conway officers she suspected one of her neighbor’s was responsible because the believes the man she suspects sells pills and only a plastic “tub” of medications was taken from her home. According to the report, none of the stolen medications were controlled substances.

At the time the report was filed, damages to the window were estimated at $150.

Vilonia man suspected of stealing drinks

Los 3 Potrillos employees suspect a Vilonia man skipped out on a $63 tab late Friday.

A bartender at the restaurant called police just before midnight saying a man fled the business without paying his tab.

According to an incident report, the man in question first attempted to pay his $63 tab with a credit card that was declined. When the bartender informed the man the card wasn’t working, the man “sat down in an booth to look for another card.”

Shortly after sitting down to look for another way to pay for his drinks, the suspect took off running, according to the bartender’s statement.

The suspect fled the restaurant in a white SUV. However, the tag number he wrote down did not return to the getaway vehicle. According to the report, employees received an “anonymous call” regarding the man’s identity, leading staff to suspect a Vilonia man was involved in the theft.

Suspect shatters downtown business’s window

Sherwin Williams in downtown Conway was vandalized Friday night.

According to an incident report, an assistant manager at the business noticed the damages Saturday morning.

An unknown suspect busted the front window of the business along Locust Street.

The assistant manager told officer Sandra M. Keefe the window was busted sometime between 7 p.m. Friday and 6:15 a.m. Saturday.

According to the report, employees do not believe anything was stolen during the incident. The assistant manager told police he did not have any suspects in mind but did say that since a former employee quite a few months ago, “the business has experienced other damages.”

At the time the report was filed, damages were estimated at $1,500.