A former K-9 handler accused of shooting a small dog in the Shiloh Creek Estates neighborhood in January is due back in circuit court in September.

Keenan Wallace was formally charged in April by a special prosecutor with one misdemeanor count of animal cruelty after a video that showed him shooting a small dog – Reese’s – in the head went viral.

Wallace stood alongside defense attorney Bill James Jr. before Circuit Judge Troy B. Braswell Jr. around 1:45 p.m. Monday. The courtroom was packed as Wallace, who has pleaded not guilty, made his way up to the front of the courtroom to update court officials on the status of his case.

During the brief hearing, James requested more time to review evidence submitted against his client, and Braswell ultimately agreed to set another pretrial hearing for Sept. 16.

Fifth Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Jeffery Wayne Phillips is the appointed special prosecutor in the case.

The video clip that went viral was captured by resident Douglas Canady on Jan. 4. Canady also attended Wallace’s pretrial hearing Monday afternoon.

As the video captured by Canady begins, you can hear the Shiloh Creek Estates Creek resident telling Wallace he does not have to step into the roadway to speak with the deputy. Canady mentions a woman pointing a gun at his house before authorities arrived on scene when Reese’s begins barking at Wallace and a gun fires off. Immediately after viewers can hear a gun fire one round, Wallace is seen holding his gun as Reese’s squirms on the ground.

Records show that Wallace responded to a 911 call made shortly before 4:30 p.m. on the day in question. After responding to the disturbance, Wallace confronted Canady about a complaint made by a woman walking through the neighborhood regarding Reese’s. The woman claimed she was attacked by the small dog and that Reese’s frequently chases after her.

After Canady reportedly refused to step in the roadway to speak with Wallace about the incident, the former deputy reportedly told him he “would act accordingly” if the dog threatened his safety, according to an incident report.

At some point during his conversation with Canady, the former deputy said the dog “lunged” toward him, which is when he reacted by firing “one round into the animal ... striking and stopping the threat.”

Wallace was fired from the sheriff’s office on Jan. 5.

In an affidavit against Wallace, Canady said he felt the former deputy “was frustrated at my response to his demands while on private property instead of any fear of Reese’s.”

Following the incident, a neighbor set up a GoFundMe account to raise funds to cover the small dog’s medical costs. Since then, the woman has filed harassment charges against Canady.

Meagan Harris initially filed a complaint against Canady in February, alleging that he began harassing her over how money raised from the GoFundMe was being spend.

Canady has since pleaded not guilty to the charges stemming from Harris’s complaint – harassment and third-degree stalking – as well as a violation of a no-contact order charge that was subsequently filed against him. The trial in Canady’s case is set for Sept. 19 in Faulkner County District Court.

Canady often updates the public on the small pup’s progress as she continues on her journey to recovery after being shot by a former Faulkner County deputy.

On Sunday, the Reese’s Road to Recovery Page announced the small dog was now having seizures and was headed into an emergency veterinary clinic. According to a recent post, a veterinarian believes Reese’s and two other dogs cared for by Canady swallowed “some unknown toxin.”