From Conway Police Department reports

Suspicious parking lot activity leads to 1 arrest

A Conway man who was arrested outside the Skyline Inn on Saturday regarding an outstanding warrant that was issued against him now faces drug charges also.

Officer Kelton Smith was patrolling near the motel when he noticed a red 2008 Ford Edge pull into a parking space at Walmart around 8:15 p.m. Saturday. According to an incident report, Smith found this to be suspicious, because the two individuals in the vehicle never got out of the vehicle.

As he drove past the vehicle, the two seemed “very anxious about my presence,” Smith wrote in his report. Soon after Smith moved to a different part of the parking lot, the couple left the Walmart parking lot and immediately pulled up to the Skyline Inn.

Smith opted to talk the couple and find out why they did not get out of their vehicle while they were at Walmart. According to the report, one of the individuals said the two went over to the Walmart parking lot so they could argue without disturbing anyone at the motel.

The explanation did not make sense because the two said there wasn’t anyone else staying with them at the motel, Smith noted in his report. At one point during the conversation, Smith asked the two for their names and birth dates. The woman immediately provided Smith her information. However, the report states the man “appeared very nervous” about telling the officer his name.

After running the couple’s information, Smith learned 24-year-old Quade Daniel Heflin had an active warrant. Once the warrant was confirmed, Smith told Heflin he would be arrested regarding the outstanding warrant.

According to the report, Heflin had a pill bottle with him that had a bag of suspected methamphetamine in it. The 24-year-old also had a needle with him, the report states.

Following the incident, Heflin faces two Class D felonies — possession of less than 2 grams of a schedule I or II controlled substance and possession of drug (meth, cocaine, heroine or fentanyl) paraphernalia.

Online records show that Heflin was issued a $5,000 bond and is scheduled to appear July 22 in Faulkner County Circuit Court for a plea and arraignment hearing.

Meat thieves cited

Two men were arrested Sunday morning after allegedly stealing nearly $130 of meat from the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Prince Street.

Employees called police just before 11:30 a.m. Sunday saying a “black male wearing greens shorts and a black shirt had loaded a bag up with meat and left the store” without paying for the food, according to an incident report.

Officer Matthew Boyd arrived on scene soon after dispatchers were alerted of the incident and spotted the suspect vehicle, which was attempted to pull out of the parking lot.

“The passenger had the seat leaned all the way back and was attempting to hide by lying down,” Boyd noted in his report. “I ordered him out of the vehicle and while placing him into handcuffs, observed a red sack in the floorboard of the passenger side that was full of packages of meat.”

Cecil Edwards Jr. claimed he acted alone and called the driver, 29-year-old Travis L. Franklin to pick him up. However, employees told police they witnessed Franklin “acting as a lookout for Edwards.”

Authorities opted to arrest 39-year-old Edwards on a theft of property charge and also charged Franklin as an accomplice in the matter. While searching Edwards prior to putting him in the back of his patrol car, Boyd reportedly found a metal pipe that had a burnt Brillo pad and other residue inside it. According to the report, Boyd suspects the pipe was used to smoke crack out of.

Along with a misdemeanor theft of property charge, Edwards also faces a felony possession of drug paraphernalia charge, according to online records.

According to the report, the stolen meat collectively totaled $127.69.