As health care continues to change and evolve, so does the way patients are able to reach out to hospitals and physicians.

Baptist Health Medical Center has jumped on board, making innovation a part of their overall daily routine with a new approach to mobile care.

“Through the launch of the Baptist Health Virtual Care app, Baptist Health continues to respond to the changing health needs of the communities it serves by delivering care to patients where they are,” a news release from the health system reads.

By accessing the mobile portal, patients can use their phones to now address immediate primary, urgent or pediatric needs 24/7, any time of day.

Ailments and illnesses Baptist encourages the new application for:

n Allergies

n Asthma

n Backstrains

n Cold sores

n Common cold

n Influenza

n Minor burns

n Rashes

n Sinus infections

n Stomach flu

n Upper respiratory illness

n UTIs

Baptist’s Kourtney Matlock told the Log Cabin Democrat on Friday their major focus has been about being the most accessible health care system in the state and for this reason, the mobile option was an idea they wanted to get up and running, especially for those in rural areas of the state that didn’t have that 24/7 coverage.

In the past, laws and rules have kept hospitals from being able to do so, but once that went away they were good.

“You can be anywhere,” Matlock said. “That mobile offering opened up to us at that point in time.”

As far as primary care physicians go, she said they’re on board.

“They love the idea that patients can get care when they’re closed especially for for simple things,” Matlock said. “For them, there’s the ability to really expand their practices.”

Matlock said they have around 600 active users. A survey follows up each visit, and that is then fed back to Baptist.

“Quick easy visit with good feedback,” she said.

Matlock said each online doctor visit costs $55 but insurance isn’t linked in. She said they’re in the process of trying to do that and have had a good response so far from several insurance companies.

“It is not something that is offered through every insurance at this time,” Matlock said.

Parents and guardians can add their children who are under age 18 to their account and have doctor visits on their behalf. Enroll yourself first, then add your child as a dependent.

For more information about Baptist Health Virtual Care, including how to download the app – through the Apple App Store or Google Play – visit