From Conway Police Department reports

Resident reportedly scammed

A Conway woman fell victim to an online scam earlier this week.

According to an incident report, the 26-year-old woman filed a forgery report just after 11 a.m. Wednesday.

The woman told officer Shawn E. Schitchtl she was hired by an online company called Sitter City but that whoever was posing as a representative for the business sent her a fake check that caused her bank account to overdraft.

An individual posing as a company representative sent the woman a $1,931.21 check “for food and her pay for the first week.” However, soon after receiving the check, the 26-year-old was instructed to withdraw $1,300 and load the money onto Walmart and eBay gift cards, according to an incident report.

“She stated that she was asked to take pictures of the numbers on the back of the cards, then take a picture of it and send it to 813-436-3882,” Schichtl wrote in his report after speaking with the alleged victim. “Her account is now overdrawn $1,931.21.”

The woman told police the suspects have since contacted her asking her to send over more money.

According to the report, the suspects used two phone numbers to call the Conway woman:

• 904-746-4603

• 904-764-4673

The report also states the check was sent to Conway from Atlanta, Georgia, and included a tracking number because it was sent through the U.S. Postal Service.

Motel reports theft

A Craighead County man is suspected of causing $900 worth of damages and stealing items from the Skyline Inn.

Authorities were alerted just after 11 a.m. Wednesday by the motel’s owner that a Caraway resident caused several hundred dollars worth of damages to one of the rooms at the motel, according to an incident report.

David Glenn Hicks, 56, reportedly damaged the AC unit in Room 127 “by removing the control panel.”

Owner Raj Patel said he believes the Craighead County man also made off with a power cord, seven towels, the toilet paper holder and the 9-volt battery that was in the smoke detector.

Conway woman damages family member’s vehicle

A Hereford Street resident called police Wednesday evening after her cousin beat her vehicle with a baseball bat.

According to an incident report, Conway officers were called around 5:45 p.m. Wednesday to a residence along Hereford Street after a 41-year-old woman said her cousin was at her house waving a bat around outside and trying to force her way inside the home.

The alleged victim told police her 22-year-old cousin, Chandre Alexus McDaniel, stopped by on the day in question so that she could take a shower.

After taking a shower, McDaniel allegedly took the complainant’s car keys and claimed she needed to get something out of the vehicle. As the complainant blocked McDaniel’s path to keep her from getting to her vehicle, the suspect reportedly grabbed a bat that was by the front door, according to the incident report.

The complainant told police “she struggled briefly with McDaniel to get the bat back. Ultimately, [the woman] stated that she let McDaniel go outside, after she got the keys back.”

The complainant told officer Andrew J. Foreman that once she refused to allow McDaniel back inside the residence, the 22-year-old preceded to hit her black 2017 Nissan Sentra with the bat.

At the time the report was filed, damages were estimated at $668.99.

McDaniel had fled the scene prior to officers arriving on scene, the report states.