From Conway Police Department reports

Vehicle catches fire at intersection

A vehicle caught fire while the owner was stopped at an intersection late Friday.

According to an incident report, officer Brandon G. Huff was flagged down around 10:40 p.m. Friday by a motorist near Salem Road and Irby Drive regarding a vehicle that was “on fire up the road.”

The vehicle in question was soon located at the intersection of Salem Road and Old Morrilton Highway.

“As I was getting closer, I observed fire dropping from he undercarriage of the vehicle,” Huff wrote in his report.

The 54-year-old man who was driving the white 1988 Jeep Grand Wagon had stopped at the stoplight when his engine died. He tried “multiple times to crank it” when suddenly he heard one of the other motorists honking at him. As soon as he realized someone was honking their horn, a man ran up, knocked on his window and told him his Jeep was on fire, according to the vehicle owner’s statement.

The Conway Fire Department extinguished the fire and the vehicle was towed from he scene by Jim Smith Wrecker.

Man stumbles across Oak Street, arrested on public intox charge

A Conway man was arrested early Sunday morning on suspicion of public intoxication after reportedly standing in the roadway and also yelling at other passersby.

Two officers were headed to take a harassment report at a residence on Third Avenue when they noticed there was “a slender built, elderly black male” standing in the middle of Oak Street around 12:25 a.m. Sunday, according to an incident report.

Officer Michael V. Johnson noted in his report that the man “was moving extremely erratically.” The two officers decided to talk to the man because he posed a traffic hazard, the report states.

As the two got out of their patrol unit to talk to Ulmer Ellis, the 57-year-old reportedly stumbled into the Kroger parking lot and began yelling obscenities at a man using the ATM.

According to the report, Ellis’ speech was lured and his eyes “were also heavily glazed over.”

After the 57-year-old continued cursing loudly, the officers opted to arrest him on suspicion of public intoxication.

“This was done for his safety as well as the public’s,” Johnson wrote in his report. “His constant use of derogatory words aimed at an innocent by-stander also created a situation where if left to his own devices, Ellis may have escalated his gestures towards this man as to cause some apprehension of harm.”

Conway man reports fraud

A Bronze Trail resident contacted police Sunday after finding several fraudulent transactions were made to his bank account through an online money-sharing application.

According to an incident report, the 43-year-old complainant first noticed on July 10 that a $200 transaction cleared his account through a Venmo application. The man told officer Christopher L. Ramirez that neither he or his wife “have ever used the application.”

After checking his bank account on Sunday, the Conway man noted several other fraudulent charges cleared his account totaling $400.