From Faulkner County Sheriff's Office reports

Suspicious driver stopped, arrested

An evening traffic stop led to two arrests last week.

According to an incident report, deputy Michael Lee was patrolling along Sturgis Road when a white Chrysler drove past him. The driver reportedly neglected to turn off the vehicle's high beams when he passed the deputy on July 10.

Following the offense, deputy Lee turned around to conduct a traffic stop when he noticed the vehicle also showed to have faulty equipment because the light above the license plate was not working.

According to his report, once he pulled up behind the suspect vehicle, it quickly turned onto Crossover Road before cutting across to G Town Road. Lee noted in his report it seemed the driver was purposefully avoiding him.

"As I approached where the vehicle pulled into a residence, I observed a white male, Mr. Aaron Wofford, walking up to the residence," the incident report reads in part. "I proceeded to turn around and parked on the side of Highway 365 close to G Town Road due to the vehicle acting suspicious in an attempt to avoid me."

A few minutes later, the vehicle turned off G Town Road. However, once Wofford noticed deputy Lee's vehicle, he reportedly attempted to avoid authorities again by pulling into the Taylor's Made Cafe parking lot.

Lee pulled into the parking lot as well and walked up to Wofford, informing the Conway man he pulled him over regarding the defective equipment. As he spoke with Wofford, the Faulkner County deputy asked the 21-year-old if he knew where G Town Road was. Even though he'd just stopped at a residence on G Town Road, Wofford said was not sure, adding that he'd only stopped at the residence around 9 p.m. to ask for directions to a nearby storage unit.

Monica Lynn Jefferies, 26, of Mayflower and a young child were also in the vehicle, according to the report. Jefferies was arrested after police learned she had three outstanding warrants. Wofford was arrested after he admitted to having marijuana in the vehicle, the report states.

Lee allowed Jefferies' father to pick up the vehicle and take custody of the child prior to taking the Mayflower woman and Wofford to the county jail.

Daughter accused of fraudulently increasing father's loan

A Vilonia man called the sheriff's office last week after learning his daughter fraudulently used his social security number.

The 61-year-old man told deputy Baylee Barden shortly before 11 a.m. July 11 that he had co-signed on a car loan for his daughter on Dec. 3. The loan was for $14,900, according to an incident report.

The Vilonia man said he later learned that his daughter had used his social security number to go online and up the loan by $4,000 without his permission.

When his 33-year-old daughter stopped making payments toward the loan, the Vilonia man said he took over. After taking over the loan payments, bank representatives told him he could possibly have the extra loan amount removed from his balance if he filed a police report regarding the fraudulent activity to the account, according to his statement.

Baylee documented the man's complaint and gave him the number associated with the incident report.

Dispute follows radio purchase

Authorities were called to a Greenbrier residence after a couple began arguing with each other over a radio.

According to an incident report, the sheriff's office was called just before 3 p.m. July 11 to a residence on Carefree Circle after the complainant said his wife was "acting crazy."

When deputy Crystil Graham arrived on scene, she soon learned the couple became upset with each other after the woman's husband bought a radio from Bestway.

According to the husband's statement, his wife was upset with him because he bought the radio and now she wanted a divorce.

The 28-year-old woman told police she did not feel comfortable staying at the residence and did not want the couple's 2-month-old child staying at the Greenbrier home either. While speaking with authorities, the woman said she did not feels safe "due to previous domestic incidents that had occurred while [the couple lived] in Oklahoma."

The woman's 31-year-old husband argued that she would be unable to take their daughter. However, according to the report, deputy Graham said the woman was within her rights to take the child with her.

Graham ultimately drove the 28-year-old woman and her infant daughter to the Wooster First Baptist Church until the woman's aunt arrived to pick them up, according to the report.