From Conway Police Department reports

Man driving with toddler in lap arrested

A Conway man driving with a 1-year-old child in his lap was arrested Monday morning.

According to an incident report, officer Joey Balentine was patrolling near the Harps Food Stores when he noticed there was a toddler sitting in the lap of a man driving a white 1998 GMC Yukon.

Balentine pulled over the vehicle as it turned into the Harps parking lot regarding the child not being in a car seat, the report states.

The driver said he “already knew” why Balentine pulled him over and also said he did not have his wallet with his driver’s license in it, according to the report.

The Conway officer told Carl E. Webster, 30, to call someone to bring him a car seat for the child. However, while searching for 30-year-old’s information, Balentine learned Webster had an outstanding warrant issued against him.

The woman who arrived on scene to give Webster a car seat took custody of the child and the vehicle after learning Webster would be arrested.

Judge holds sleepy suspect in contempt

A man scheduled to stand trial in district court Tuesday was instead arrested after falling asleep in court and failing to take a drug test.

Officer Rachel Mistrille was working as a bailiff in Conway District Court on Tuesday when she noticed 35-year-old Stephen Antal was sleeping on the front row.

“His head was back, eyes closed, and mouth hanging open,” Mistrille’s report reads in part.

After waking up, the Conway man said he was “good” and would not fall back asleep. However, he soon fell asleep again prior to his trial starting.

When it was time for the 35-year-old’s trial to start, deputy city attorney Charles Finkenbinder requested the judge order Antal to take a drug test because Mistrille said it appeared he was “under the influence of drugs or alcohol.”

District Judge David L. Reynolds ordered in favor of Finkenbinder’s request. Hours passed by and Antal “was still unable to produce urine for the drug test.”

After the suspect was unable to take the drug test, Reynolds ordered he be held in contempt of court and rescheduled the man’s trial for Thursday. Online records show Antal was scheduled to stand trial regarding two endangering the welfare of a minor charges as well as one count of obstructing governmental operations.

Conway man steals soda, waits for police

Taco Bueno employees called police Tuesday evening after a man reportedly walked inside the restaurant, stole a soda and yelled at workers.

The restaurant manager called the Conway Police Department shortly before 6 p.m. regarding the man who “stole a soft drink … and started screaming and cursing at employees trying to scare them into making him food.”

According to an incident report, officers had received “several calls similar” to Taco Bueno’s complaint regarding 57-year-old Jeffrey Stephen Barra.

When employees asked the Conway man to leave the restaurant, he allegedly sat down at a booth and “sat there drinking his drink that he illegally took until officer Vince arrived on scene.”