From Conway Police Department reports

Shoplifter cited

A woman who reportedly stole chocolate and beans from Kroger was ultimately banned from returning to the grocery store.

According to an incident report, Conway police were called to the Kroger Marketplace on Oak Street shortly after 10 a.m. Wednesday regarding a possible shoplifting incident.

An employee “detained” 40-year-old Irene Biong Abit and called police after he saw her hide a Ghirardelli chocolate bar and a can of Bush’s pinto beans in her backpack.

The two items were collectively cost $4.08.

Store employees said they wanted to pursue a theft of property case following matter. Because store employees wanted to file charges, Slajer arrested Abit and took her to the county jail. Because the charge was a nonviolent misdemeanor, Abit was released immediately after she was booked and fingerprinted at the Faulkner County Detention Center, according to the report.

Abit was also banned from the grocery store, per employees’ request, the report states.

Break up leads to fight

A Conway woman called police Wednesday after her ex-girlfriend allegedly stole several of her belongings when the couple broke up.

The 25-year-old complainant called authorities shortly before 1 p.m. Wednesday after a break up turned messy and her now-ex-girlfriend had poured bleach on her clothes and stolen several items, according to an incident report.

The two broke up Monday and agreed that the 21-year-old suspect would move out Friday, the complainant said. However, following an argument that ensued between the two while at Walmart on Tuesday, the complainant said she told Tawana Lashawn Ammons “she needed to leave now.”

During the aforementioned argument, the 21-year-old allegedly ripped out some of the complainant’s hair. The report states the two fought again later that night. Once she told Ammons to get out of her Chapel Ridge apartment, the complainant said the 21-year-old “proceeded to pour bleach on [her] clothing … [and] that she took a black sound bar, car keys, a vape mod and [the complainant’s] cellphone.” The complainant also said it appeared her ex-girlfriend damaged her vehicle.

Later that day, the suspect reportedly texted the complainant’s mother “stating she would return the stolen property if [the complainant] would do what she wanted.”

According to the report, damages to the complainant’s vehicle were valued at $500 at the time the report was filed.

Woman spits on salesman

A local woman is accused of spitting on a used car salesman.

According to an incident report, an A1 Auto Sales employee called police shortly before 1:30 p.m. Wednesday after an enraged customer spit on him.

Quintesia LaFlora, 23, reportedly was “extremely upset” when she showed up at the dealership on Pine Street. LaFlora began arguing with the complainant regarding an issue with her vehicle when she ultimately spit on him during the argument, the report states.

The complainant told authorities “the spit landed on his left arm.”

By the time officers arrived on scene, the suspect had left the business. Officer Andrew J. Foreman told the complainant how to file misdemeanor charges against the 23-year-old if he wished to do so.