A Conway man who was federally indicted for shooting off six rounds and setting fire to a handful of mail inside the post office on Hogan Lane last year has pleaded guilty.

The Conway Police Department initially responded to the post office around noon on Sept. 29 after two of the four employees inside the building were able to flee and call for help.

Potts had jumped over the counter and began shooting a handgun.

Post office employees told police the 46-year-old began firing off rounds inside the building as they were about to close for the day.

“I have a gun,” Potts yelled at employees as he jumped over the counter and pulled a handgun from his pocket on the day in question.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed against Potts in Faulkner County Circuit Court, the 46-year-old pointed a gun at and followed an employee who “verbally engaged” with him as the other employees fled.

“While this employee had Potts’ attention, the other two were able to run to the back of the building and hide,” the affidavit reads in part. “Potts did not demand money and would not say what he wanted. Potts followed the employee who engaged him into the back area of the building where mail is sorted for delivery. This area is not meant for public access and not accessible without a key, which is why Potts had to jump over the customer service counter to access the area.”

Once in the back of the building, Potts fired off two shots toward the employee who caught his attention. Neither found hit the employee.

After firing two rounds toward the employee he followed, Potts fired off four more rounds inside the building.

“In the back area of the building, Potts fired two shots in the direction of the employee that verbally engaged him, but did not hit him,” the affidavit states. “Potts ordered that employee to the ground and eventually fired four more shots in the building. Again, none of these shots hit anyone.”

At one point, employees said the 46-year-old suspect used a lighter to set “a small amount of mail” on fire.

As the suspect set fire to the mail, the employee he’d cornered was able to escape.

“It was while Potts was distracted with this that the employee who confronted him was able to escape,” according to witness statements.

The Conway man was indicted on three federal charges Oct. 2. During a hearing before U.S. Judge Kristine G. Baker on Friday, the 46-year-old pleaded guilty to each of charges filed against him:

Assaulting, resisting and impeding certain officers or employees. Possession of firearms and dangerous weapons in federal facilities. Destruction of letter boxes and mail.

Online records show Potts is “to remain in custody pending sentencing.”