From Conway Police Department reports

Burger burglar strikes at Sonic

An unnamed suspect reportedly took food from a Sonic employee and walked away without paying for the meal.

According to an incident report, authorities were called shortly before 3 p.m. Wednesday after a man ordered a Super Sonic cheese burger but was unable to pay for the food.

An employee told police the man initially paid for the $9.89 meal with a credit card. However, the card was declined. When the employee told the suspect the card was declined, the man reportedly “told (him’ he would have to find another way to pay ... (and) then took the burger and proceeded to walk south on Harkrider (Street).”

Out-of-state man suspected in theft

An Arizona man is suspected of stealing four tires from R & S Auto Planet on Wednesday.

According to an incident, an employee at the Oak street business called the police department at 10:46 a.m. Wednesday as he chased after the fleeing suspect.

The complainant told authorities the suspect had pulled up to the auto center and “started loading the tires into his car” at 10:45 a.m.

Each of the stolen tires, valued at $215 each was recovered after the suspect abandoned his vehicle at an apartment complex on Rich Smith Lane, according to the report.

The employee who witnessed the theft jumped into his vehicle and chased after the fleeing suspect until the man ultimately stopped in front of the apartment complex and fled the scene on foot.

Conway officers inventoried the suspect vehicle, which is when they recovered the stolen tires and found the vehicle’s bill of sale. Based on the bill of sale, a man from Phoenix, Arizona is the current suspect in this case, the report states.

Child not buckled in car seat

A Cabot woman was cited Wednesday after reportedly driving a vehicle without her 11-month-old child properly buckled in a car seat.

According to an incident report, a motorist called police to file a complaint about a woman who was driving along Oak Street wile texting while there was a baby in the vehicle.

Officer Andrew J. Foreman was patrolling Oak Street when the dispatchers received the complaint and noticed the woman driving the suspect vehicle had “a rear facing child seat sitting in the front and a baby not strapped into the seat,” the report states.

Foreman proceeded to pull the suspect vehicle over, when he soon learned the driver, 24-year-old Hannah Woodard, could not provide any registration paperwork or a bill of sale for the vehicle because it belonged to the dealership she worked for, according to the report.

As he filled out an endangering the welfare of a minor citation to issue against Woodard, officer Foreman called another officer to the scene to show the Cabot woman how to properly install a car seat.

Woodard said she had a car seat base installed in her personal vehicle and that after receiving a tutorial from Tanner E. Williams that she understood how to install one in other vehicles.