From Conway Police Department reports

Woman reports feeling threatened

A Conway woman has received threatening messages from a local man she met through a dating application.

According to an incident report, authorities were first called to the woman’s apartment around 10:15 p.m. Wednesday after two boys rang her doorbell and ran away. However, as officer Frankie L. Henderson handled the issue, he soon learned the woman has also reportedly been threatened by a man she recently met online.

After talking to an adult at the residence the two boys ran off to, Henderson went back over the complainant’s residence to follow up with her. While at the 35-year-old woman’s home, the Conway woman “began talking about a male that has been harassing [her] over the phone and requested a report.”

According to her statement, the woman knows the suspect as “Michael R” and met him through Tag, which is a dating app. The two talked via video chat and Michael also visited the woman at her home, she said. However, the complainant told police that once she told the suspect she was no longer interested in him, he began harassing her.

On Monday, the suspect called the complainant “multiple times” and sent her a message that said he hoped she died, the report states.

The woman said she was afraid of the suspect, adding that she knows he has guns because she saw them during a video chat. The woman said she believes the suspect lives at another apartment complex in Conway and “is concerned because he knows where she lives.”

Teen banned from residence

An 18-year-old Conway resident was banned from his mother’s house after he allegedly punched a hole in the siding of the garage of her Shepherds Creek Drive home.

According to an incident report, authorities were first called to the home shortly after 9 p.m. Wednesday after the teen reportedly punched the hole in the wall.

The teen’s mother told police her son had lived with her “on and off” for the last three weeks and that he punched the hole in the wall because he was upset she would not give him her keys.

Authorities met up with the 18-year-old near Calvary Church and asked him about the incident. According to the report, the teen claimed he punched the wall in the garage, “but not the siding.”

“[He] then stated he punched the brick on the outside of the house,” officer Tyler Langley wrote in his report. “I asked to see his hand that he punched the brick with. He showed me his swollen right hand. He did not have any cuts on his hand as there would have been if he punched the brick.”

At the 18-year-old’s mother’s request, officers issued a criminal trespass warning in the case. When he learned he was not allowed to go back to his mother’s home without contacting police first, the teen reportedly said he would not call authorities first. The teen also told police they would have to “whoop” him to arrest him.

At one point, the 18-year-old pulled away from officer Langley as he tried to put handcuffs on the teen. Once the teen was detained, Langley searched him and found 11 pills. After talking with the suspect’s mother, Langley learned the pills belonged to the teen’s mother and his sister. Artemas Leon House was arrested following the incident, the report states.

The next day, authorities were called back to the Shepherds Creek residence “in reference to a disturbance.” The 18-year-old had reportedly returned to the home but left before police arrived on scene.

Officer Jessica Flanery caught up to House on Prince Street. According to her report, the teen “was very aggressive and wasn’t cooperating” with her.

House was given another criminal trespass warning “and told that if he returned to the residence, he would be arrested,” the report states.