From Conway Police Department reports

Vehicle burglarized

An unknown suspect reportedly stole $50 out of a Davis Street resident’s vehicle over the weekend.

The alleged victim called police Sunday evening regarding the incident, saying someone broke into her vehicle sometime between 5 p.m. Saturday and 8:30 a.m. Sunday.

The 25-year-old woman said it was clear “someone had rummaged through her vehicle” but that she did not notice anything else missing other than the $50.

Resident calls police after fellow churchgoer cuts him off

A Conway man called police after a fellow church member allegedly cut him off purposefully as he drove along Dave Ward Drive on Friday.

The 68-year-old complainant said he and his wife were driving along Dave Ward Drive shortly before 8 a.m. Friday when suddenly, a silver pickup truck cut them off as they passed Honda World.

As the man swerved to avoid crashing into the pickup truck, he was forced “to swerve [onto] the curb and slam on his brakes,” according to his statement.

Immediately following the incident, the individual who cut the couple off turned into the Farm Bureau parking lot. The complainant’s wife said she “believed the driver was pulling over to apologize or check on them, so (the couple) pulled in as well.” However, after realizing the man driving the pickup truck was a man the couple went to church with, they learned he cut them off on purpose, the report states.

When the complainant asked Marty Beckman why he cut them off, he reportedly said: “I did it intentionally because you cut me off first.”

According to the report, while the complainant’s vehicle was not damaged during the incident, he wanted a report on file.

Woman accused of having fake money

Authorities were called to the Walmart on Skyline Drive on Friday after a McDonald’s employee attempted to load a counterfeit $100 bill onto a gift card.

According to an incident report, one of the store’s loss prevention officers called police to the supermarket shortly after 1 p.m. Friday after the suspect fled the store.

Prior to requesting to load the $100 bill in question onto a gift card, Michelle Tonie Leathers, 51, of Conway cashed a check at the store’s Money Center. The employee who cashed the woman’s check handed the suspect “multiple $100 bills,” according to the report.

After receiving the money, Leathers “wadded the bills up and placed them in her wallet.” However, the report states that after putting the money in her wallet, Leathers said she forgot to load $100 onto a gift card and proceed to pull out a bill employees “immediately” recognized as a counterfeit bill.

When confronted about the bill’s legitimacy, Leathers reportedly claim Walmart employees gave her the counterfeit bill. At this point, employees said they would contact police and Leathers “immediately left.”

Later on, officer Steven J. Spurgers was able to get in touch with Leathers to ask her about the incident at Walmart.

The 51-year-old woman claimed she left the business because she thought she had a warrant issued against her and that two of her coworkers gave her the fake money.

“Leathers stated that she was aware that she had a fake $100 bill in her wallet bud did not mean to give it to Walmart,” the report reads in part.

In her statement, the woman said two coworkers – Amber and Michael – gave her the bill but that she did not know the individuals’ last names. Leathers said she had no clue the bill was a counterfeit until she tried to use it at Horton’s gas station but the clerk would not accept the bill.