Parents across the county visited with educators and other school faculty this week as the 2019-20 school year rounds the corner. Tuesday is the big day for the majority of schools across the county.

My young one has been enrolled in two separate daycare programs since he was two months old. He has enjoyed the experiences at both centers, yet I feared he would be reluctant to the idea of enrolling in a preschool program. To my surprise, he is beyond ecstatic.

Upon learning he would be a Guy-Perkins Tiny T-Bird, my young 4-year-old has been eager to begin his scholastic career. I can only hope this excitement doesn’t fade.

Each time we pass the school, Karson reminds me that’s his “new school,” and asks how soon he can begin riding the bus to meet his teacher and soon-to-be friends.

It’s a new experience and a big step he’s ready to take.

As we parked into the nearly-full parking lot Thursday evening, my little boy was overcome with joy for orientation. He finally got to meet his new peers and see his classroom. Listening to the school’s new superintendent’s speech before getting the OK to wander over to his new-claimed area was exhausting for the 4-year-old. However, once the time came to make our way to the preschool building, Karson’s boredom shifted.

I have to admit, like most parents, I am saddened to see my boy take this next step. He tells me he’s not my baby anymore and reminds me he’s “growing up.” It’s halfway true; he’ll always be my baby boy.

I’m faced with mixed emotions of broken-heartedness and delight.

Orientation went well. We know where our cubby is we’ve met most of little man’s classmates as well as his teacher. Preschool is a small step for a long road of stress mixed with hard-earned accomplishments and carefree adventures.

It was encouraging to see the amount of support our teenagers already are receiving from their new educators. Heading into a new school year, my significant other and I were leery as to how this introduction would be as our nearly-14-year-old and 15-year-old daughters embark on a new journey filled with new faces. Mixed in this jungle are a few familiar faces, though. The mixture has brought confidence and a willingness to take on a new school district.

I’m proud of my children as they each prepare for a new school year with new people. I’m hopeful they will do their best to succeed and also help build their classmates throughout the year. I’m hopeful children across the county will also share this willingness to do good.

With the 2019-20 school year upon us, lets help all children of Faulkner County feel as excited about taking on their scholastic career as a 4-year-old entering Pre-K did.

Good luck, Faulkner County students!

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