From Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office reports

Woman falls, causes concern for deputies

A Greenbrier man attempted to bar police and other first responders from helping a woman who had fallen and was unable to get back up on her own inside a Lawrence Road residence.

Sheriff’s deputies were called just before 3:20 p.m. July 27 to a residence along Lawrence Road, which is located just outside of Greenbrier city limits, after a 75-year-old woman said she needed help getting back up.

Deputy Kenneth Hollis requested assistance from another deputy as he headed over to the home, noting the address in question as flagged in the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office dispatch system “as requiring two deputies to respond due to the potential for violence” at this particular home, according to an incident report.

Deputies Hollis and Shane Lee rushed to the home and alerted other first responders that were headed to the Greenbrier home not to go inside until authorities made sure it was safe for them to go in the home.

Authorities were met upon arrival by 61-year-old Hank Doyle Turknett, who immediately began filming the deputies and yelling at them to get off his property, the report states. After deputy Hollis explained he and Lee were called to the home because a woman had fallen inside the residence, Turknett still tried to keep them from going inside the Lawrence Road residence.

At this point, deputies “informed Turknett that he could not prevent us from responding to a call for assistance and [that] medical personnel were on the way” to assist the woman in need, according to the report.

Eventually, first responders were allowed inside the home to check on the woman and help her to her feet. Firefighters also walked to woman out to her car so she could grab some personal items she needed and then helped her back inside, the report states. While at the home, authorities noted the power at the home was shut off, other than an air conditioning unit, and the water had been turned off, “other than [in] the bathroom.”

Before leaving the home, responding deputies alerted one of FCSO’s investigators of the possible abuse of adults/endangerment case that needed further investigation, according to the report.

Police respond to fight at apartment

Authorities were called to the Grassy Lake Apartments on July 27 after an argument about stolen dogs reportedly turned violent.

According to an incident report, deputies were called to the Mayflower apartment complex regarding a fight that broke out around 7:30 p.m. July 27.

Once on scene, deputy Charles Wilks learned the three alleged victims went to talk to Sonya Lowe and David Melton because they believed the couple stole their dogs the night before.

As they knocked on the couple’s door, Lowe reportedly became irate and threw a bat to Melton, which he reportedly used to threaten the individuals if they did not leave. At this point, the alleged victims told police that Bryan Keith McKnight “came out of the residence with a rifle and threaten[ed] to shoot everyone if they did not leave.”

According to the report, Melton had a wound on his head and was bleeding when authorities arrived on scene. First responders were called to the apartment complex to assess his injuries.

Lowe was ultimately arrested on scene following the incident because she reportedly was violating a protection order issued between her and Melton by being at the home, the report states.

Stolen money

A Conway woman is accused of stealing more than $16,000 from a Greenbrier woman by fraudulently cashing checks in the other woman’s name.

The Greenbrier woman was alerted by the Credit Union on July 29 that her account had been compromised when employees noticed several suspicious transactions.

According to an incident report, the suspicious activity included seven business checks that were fraudulently cashed by 27-year-old Tamara Raquel Heard of Conway.

The alleged victim said she “had no idea who Tamara Heard was nor had she ever had anyone employed with that name.”

According to the report, the fraudulent transactions totaled $16,329.52.