From Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office reports

Conway resident fakes being attacked

Authorities were called to a Conway home after a resident claimed someone broke into his house early in the morning before eventually admitting he made up the scenario.

Paul Daniel Medina ran to a neighbor’s house during the early morning hours of Aug. 1 to alert the other man that someone broke into his home. The Dickerson Lane resident claimed the intruder was armed with a gun and that the two struggled with each other for the firearm before Medina ultimately fled the home and rushed toward his neighbor’s house.

As he took off running, the 58-year-old claimed the intruder shot his dog. However, after sheriff’s deputies searched three homes without finding a suspect, Medina “apologized for making the entire incident up.”

According to the report, the Conway man said he was high “when he went outside to his vehicle [and] accidentally shot his dog” prior to creating the scenario.

Boat stolen from residence

A Greenbrier man called police Aug. 1 after realizing someone had stolen his boat.

According to an incident report, the 55-year-old complainant was letting his dog inside around 5:45 p.m. Aug. 1 when he noticed his boat along with the trailer it was on and an outboard were gone.

The man walked over to where he kept his boat and also found the chain and lock he used to secure the boat were lying on the ground. It appeared the perpetrator used bolt cutters to cut the lock, according to the man’s statement.

The Greenbrier man said the boat was stolen sometime between 7 p.m. July 30 and 5:45 p.m. Aug. 1.

Leading up to the theft, the 55-year-old said he “had not seen anything suspicious” and said he planned to talk with his neighbors to see “if anyone had seen anything suspicious or if any of them had cameras.”

Woman arrested following false accusation against grandmother

A Conway woman was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication earlier this month after claiming her grandmother “was dangerous, losing her mind and armed with a pistol,” according to an incident report.

Haley Elizabeth Crawford, 20, called the sheriff’s office around 2:45 p.m. Aug. 2 claiming her grandmother was acting dangerous. When deputy Kenneth Hollis arrived on scene, he found the complainant walking along the side of the house “carrying a trash bag bull of clothes and talking to herself.”

Hollis said it appeared the 20-year-old was impaired, so he asked her to sit down while she talked with him, according to the report. However, after she sat down, Crawford said she had something she wanted to show the deputy and “dove for her trash bag.”

At this point, the woman was ordered to stay away from the bag.

According to the report, the deputy found a pair of scissors “just inside the torn trash bag” when Crawford admitted to getting hight on methamphetamine prior to calling police.

After he talked to the woman’s 74-year-old grandmother, it was apparent the complainant had a history of drug use and that her family was scared for their wellbeing, the report states.

Paramedics were called to the scene to check on Crawford, who proceeded to tell first responders she was seven and a half months pregnant, was from Area 51 and previously was “a multi-millionaire porn star from California.”

The woman’s grandmother informed authorities the 20-year-old was not actually pregnant but that she is addicted to meth, bath salts and crack cocaine and has hallucinations about being pregnant.

After learning she would be arrested on a public intoxication charge, Crawford reportedly told police she may have other drugs hidden in her vagina “but she couldn’t remember if she had used all of them.”