GREENBRIER — Local officials invite Greenbrier residents to gather for a group photo next week as it kicks off its pen-pal friendship with a small town in Tennessee.

Through the years, city employees have received a number of phone calls from individuals looking to reach officials and other city officers in Greenbrier, Tennessee.

“We do take a lot of phone calls from people looking for people in Tennessee,” Mayor Sammie Joe Hartwick said.

After learning about the odd phone calls, City Attorney Dustin Chapman reached out to officials in Greenbrier, Tennessee, and decided to form a friendship with the city.

During its regularly-scheduled September meeting Tuesday night, the Greenbrier City Council unanimously approved a resolution that allows the city to forge a friendship with Greenbrier, Tennessee.

“The idea is that we will have a relationship with them of some type — a friendship where we will be pen pals with them and exchange things with them,” Chapman said.

Local officials on Thursday announced the public is invited to take part in a photo shoot at the high school to showcase “#GREENBRIERPROUD.”

“We are GREENBRIER PROUD and are looking for your help to shoot a promotional photo featuring Greenbrier’s finest,” the city’s chamber of commerce announced Thursday.

The photo taken during the event will be included in the care package that will be delivered to Greenbrier, Tennessee, officials later this month.

The photo shoot will be held at 8:15 a.m. Sept. 13 at the Don Jones Stadium at Greenbrier High School.

Hartwick, who will be traveling with Metroplan to South Carolina at the end of the month, said he will make a pit stop in Greenbrier, Tennessee and visit with he mayor.

The small-town mayor said he is excited about the friendship, adding that “their town is very similar to ours.”

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