From Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office reports

Ex-boyfriend accused in harassment case

A Conway man is accused of harassing his ex-girlfriend by calling her nonstop despite her efforts to avoid him by change her phone number multiple times.

The 21-year-old complainant called the sheriff’s office Sept. 1 to file a harassment report against her ex-boyfriend, who “keeps calling her phone over and over and will not stop,” according to an incident report.

The woman told deputy Charles Vaughan she has changed her phone number “several times” in an attempt to keep Corey Lashun Whitmore, 23, of Conway from contacting her. According to the report, the complainant called police Sept. 1 after Whitmore once again discovered she’d changed her number and figured out what her new phone number was. The woman claimed she had not told anyone what her new phone number was prior to Whitmore’s unwanted calls.

Resident suspects dog was shot

A Vilonia man called police after an someone reportedly shot and killed his dog earlier this month.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to a residence along Crooked Creek Road on Sept. 1 regarding an animal complainant when they learned the complainant’s dog was killed.

The 52-year-old man found his dog “lying dead on his front porch” with “a small hole … in the chest cavity.”

According to the report, the complainant did not hear any gunshots and did not have any leads on who would shoot his dog.

Deputy Terry Roper took photographs of the scene, noting in his report that he “could not see a blood trail from the dog.”

Trespassing complaint filed

A Conway man is suspected of trespassing on three properties in Saltillo.

The property owners called the sheriff’s office Sept. 2 to file a complaint against Nicholas Nathanial Harvey, 37, of Conway because he “constantly” trespassed on three lots after the property owners told him “to leave and not return,” according to an incident report.

The two property owners told deputy Zachary Cooley that despite their efforts to clean up the lots, Harvey “continues to scatter the piles of trash and spites of scrap all throughout the property.”

Cooley advised the complainants that Harvey would be banned from the property and issued a criminal trespass warning if authorities were able to find him. However, according to the report, the sheriff’s office was unable to locate Harvey at the time the complaint was filed.

FCSO, first responders help woman who overdosed

First responders were called to a home along Palarm Creek Road earlier this month after a woman reportedly overdosed on prescription pills.

The man who alerted authorities was watching TV when he noticed a light coming from his back deck, according to an incident report. When the man walked outside to see what the light was, he found a woman “sitting in a chair, slumped over,” the report states.

According to the report, the woman was “breathing but would not wake up.”

The man told police he found a bottle of pills next to the woman “and believed that she may have taken some.”

Deputy Stephen Ferguson noted in his report that there were about 112 of the 180 pills left in the prescription bottle when first responders arrived on scene.

An ambulance was called to the scene and, according to the report, first responders noted the woman’s “blood pressure was very low and [she] was highly intoxicated.”

The woman was taken to the Conway Regional Medical Center for treatment following the incident, the report states.