GREENBRIER — Local officials gathered alongside Greenbrier residents, athletes and the high school marching band Friday morning to take a festive photo to send to the city’s new friend — residents of Greenbrier, Tennessee.

Dustin Chapman, who is the Greenbrier city attorney as well as the Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce board president, created a resolution that the small-town city council unanimously approved earlier this month that allows the Faulkner County town to form a friendship with the city of Greenbrier, Tennessee.

Through the years, the city has received a number of phone calls for individuals looking to reach officials and other city officers for the Tennessee town. After learning about the odd phone calls, Chapman reached out to officials in Greenbrier, Tennessee, and decided to become sister cities.

Chapman described the new relationship as a pen-pal friendship, adding that Greenbrier, Tennessee, is similar to the Faulkner County town.

As local leaders began collecting items to put together a care package for their new friends, Chapman organized a group photo that features the Greenbrier High School football team, the school’s cheerleaders and band members along with the town’s civic leaders and other residents.

The theme behind the photo was “GREENBRIERPROUD.”

“We have all these pictures of roads and buildings but what’s so great about our city is the people, and this picture focuses on them,” he told the Log Cabin Democrat on Friday.

Dressed in varying shades of blue, representing the school’s blue Panther Pride, students, school administrators and others filled the end zone on the school’s football field to snap a photo that can be used on the city’s website, for promotional purposes and also to send off to Greenbrier, Tennessee.

Mayor Sammy Joe Hartwick said he was excited about the friendship formed with the town’s new sister city and was glad to see a high turnout for Friday’s photoshoot.

Hartwick and his wife, Cheryl, will travel to South Carolina later this month with other Metroplan representatives. Along the way, the couple said they plan to make a pit stop in Greenbrier, Tennessee, to meet their new friends face to face.

While visiting with the sister city’s officials, Sammy Joe said he will drop off the package local officials put together.

“I hope they like it,” he said. “I’m excited about this. Their town is a lot like ours, it really is.”

In some shots, the group smiled. In other poses, the group waved.

“I’m glad we could do this,” Sammy Joe said.

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