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From Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office reports

Resident accused of setting shed on fire, threatening family

A Mayflower man is behind bars after allegedly setting a shed on fire and threatening the family who lived on the property.

Sheriff’s deputies were called out last week to a Red Oak Drive residence after 35-year-old Glendale Earl Phares III reportedly set fire to the shed he was staying in, according to an incident report.

The property owner said his family had allowed Phares to stay in the shed. However, on May 12, the 35-year-old set the shed on fire and threatened the property owner and his family.

After setting the shed on fire, the Mayflower man threatened to slit the property owner’s throat and also said he would “kill everyone at that address,” according to the report.

“Mr. Phares also told [the property owner] that he would burn the residence with them inside,” deputy C.W. McCall’s report reads in part.

The Mayflower Fire Department worked to extinguish the flames as the deputy spoke with the family about the allegations against Phares.

Following the allegations against Phares, the Mayflower man was arrested and charged with first-degree terroristic threatening.

Teen admits to stealing vehicle

A 19-year-old Conway resident is charged in a felony theft case after admitting to stealing his girlfriend’s ex-roommate’s vehicle and crashing it into the Cadron Creek.

The vehicle was found “half submerged” on Sunday in the creek along Shaw Bridge Road, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Deputies also found multiple bullet holes on the vehicle and noticed the back passenger window was shattered.

When the vehicle was pulled from the Cadron Creek waters, authorities also saw that someone had scratched a smiley face with Xs for eyes and etched the name Darrell onto the vehicle.

“The car was full of food, cheese/milk substance splattered in the car and a Ukulele that had been destroyed,” the report states.

According to the report, deputies reached out to the vehicle’s registered owner and found out it had been stolen.

The owner’s daughter suspected her former roommate’s boyfriend could be responsible.

As authorities investigated the theft, the ex-roommate’s grandmother showed up with her grandson. The woman’s grandson said the ex-roommate (his sister) brought him down to the creek with 19-year-old Anthony-Lee James McQuesten the night before to show him “what they had done to the car.”

When the deputies went to question the ex-roommate and McQuesten about the vehicle, McQuesten reportedly admitted to stealing and damaging the vehicle.

“While he was waiting for me to fill out the arrest disposition report, I along with Inv. [Johnny] Fowlkes asked him if he had stolen the vehicle and Mr. McQuesten stated that he did in fact steal the car and drove it to the Cadron Creek at Shaw Bridge,” Sgt. Kent Hill’s report reads.

The 19-year-old has since been charged with first-degree criminal mischief, a Class D felony, and theft of property, a Class C felony.

Staff writer Marisa Hicks can be reached at mhicks@thecabin.net

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