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From Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office reports

Traffic stop leads to 3 arrests

Three Conway residents suspected of a felony firearms violations were arrested following a Tuesday traffic stop.

Jessica D. Flynn, 36; Jacob J. Gifford, 34; and Rusty A. Glover, 42 were each charged with possession of firearms by certain persons, a Class D felony, after a Conway officer found a pistol in the vehicle they were in.

Officer Joey Balentine began following the white Toyota Tacoma that Glover was driving on Tuesday when he noticed Glover was the driver. According to an incident report, the 42-year-old Conway man was wanted in connection to an unrelated breaking or entering case.

As the officer followed the suspect vehicle on Harkrider Street, Glover, who was not wearing his seatbelt, pulled to the side of the road near the Continental Inn even though Balentine had not turned on his blue lights, according to the report.

Balentine immediately pulled to the side of the road behind Glover and turned on his blue lights.

“Upon exiting the vehicle, I had Glover exit the driver seat of his vehicle and walk back to me,” Balentine wrote in his report. “Once he did this, I placed him into custody for the breaking or entering charges he was wanted for.”

Because the 42-year-old was suspected of stealing an amplifier and had an active search waiver on file, responding officers had Flynn, who was sitting on the middle console, and Glover get out of the vehicle so they could look for the amplifier.

When searching the vehicle, the report states that authorities found a small, silver and bronze single-shot pistol “at the base of the center console on the passenger side.”

According to the report, Glover, Flynn and Gifford were each charged with possession of firearms by certain persons because “all were in arms reach of where the firearm was located” and they each denied knowing the gun was in the vehicle.

Resident accused of choking his wife

A 41-year-old Conway man suspected of choking his wife was arrested on Sunday.

According to an incident report, a woman called the Conway Police Department on Sunday because she was concerned about her ex-husband’s wife.

The woman told police the couple was arguing at their West Street home when she went to pick up her son and was concerned for her ex-husband’s wife and her children.

Officer William Fosko went to the residence in question and knocked on the front door “a couple of times” when he heard “something in the garage or on the side of the house.”

As he walked over toward the garage, the report states a woman walked out of the front door. According to the report, the woman’s husband also attempted to walk toward the officer as his wife approached him. At this point, Fosko told the husband to wait in the house while he spoke to the wife.

The woman told the officer that her husband hit her above the left eye during an argument.

According to the report, the officer could see “a knot on her head” and also noted she “had marks on her arms that showed bruising.”

The woman said her husband bruised her arms when he grabbed her by the arms.

The husband denied hurting his wife and said the couple had only argued.

When confronted about the woman’s injuries, the husband reportedly said: “What about the marks on me?”

The man had “some redness on [his] wrist and a scrape above is elbow on his bicep area” that he said likely occurred when he brushed up against the wall.

After officer Fosko talked with the husband and wife, he arrested the husband on suspicion of third-degree battery. That charge was later upgraded to aggravated assault on a family or household member after responding officers found out the husband had choked his wife “to the point she was unable to breathe” during the struggle, according to the report.

Staff writer Marisa Hicks can be reached at mhicks@thecabin.net.

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