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Boyfriend accus

ed of running girlfriend off roadway

A Mayflower man accused of trying to run his girlfriend off the road Sunday afternoon is behind bars on an aggravated assault charge.

According to an incident report, sheriff’s deputies were alerted shortly before 4:30 p.m. Sunday that Marshall Lee Hendrix, 55, chased his girlfriend in his pickup truck and tried to run her off the road.

The woman told police that she went over to the apartments on Ridge Lane just off Easterwood Point Road on Sunday to get her dog when Hendrix began acting aggressively toward her.

According to the woman’s statement, the 55-year-old began throwing rocks at her when she tried to leave with her dog.

The woman also said that when she began to drive away, Hendrix got into his pickup truck and chased after her.

The Mayflower man “tried running her off the road with his pickup truck,” deputy Michael Lee’s report reads in part.

As the 55-year-old chased after his girlfriend, he “hit her vehicle on the driver rear side” before getting out of his truck to yell at her, the report states. The woman said her vehicle was damaged during the incident and that she “had minor injuries.”

After speaking with the woman about what happened, authorities issued a BOLO (be on the lookout) alert against Hendrix. Online records show the Mayflower man was booked into the Faulkner County Detention Center at 3:09 a.m. Monday and that he was charged with aggravated assault on a family or household member, a Class D felony, following the incident.

Traffic stop ends with arrest

A Conway man was arrested early Sunday morning after authorities found a pistol with a suppressor made out of an oil can on it in his vehicle.

Emerson Tron Westlake, 37, was arrested on suspicion of a DWI as well as a criminal use of prohibited weapons charge following a traffic stop.

According to an incident report, deputy Steve Sumner pulled over Westlake shortly after midnight on Sunday after the 37-year-old drove passed the deputy along Highway 365 without turning off his high beams.

The deputy also noted in his report that it appeared Westlake was speeding.

As the deputy walked up to the Conway man’s vehicle and asked Westlake for his ID and registration paperwork, Sumner said it appeared the 37-year-old was nervous, adding that “his hands were shaking as he handed his license to me.”

Westlake said he “knew he was driving over the speed limit” because he “just got his truck back from being stuck in a mud hole and was trying to blow it out,” according to the report.

The deputy said he could smell alcohol on Westlake’s breath and that the Conway man started talking quietly as he tried to talk to Westlake.

At this point, Sumner asked the 37-year-old where he was headed and how much alcohol he’d drank that night. Westlake reportedly responded by saying he was “an occasional drinker.”

As he questioned Westlake about how much he possibly drank that night, Sumner said he noticed there were several empty beer cans in the Conway man’s vehicle.

“I observed several empty beer cans in the center of the truck next to a vehicle battery that had cables attached that ran to the dashboard,” the deputy’s report reads in part. “I followed the wires from the battery to the driver’s side floorboard where I saw the handle of a pistol protruding from under the driver’s seat.”

Once the deputy saw the gun, the report states he ordered Westlake to get out of the pickup truck.

According to the report, the firearm felt “off balance and heavier” than the deputy expected.

“I pulled the pistol from under the driver’s seat an noticed the pistol had a makeshift suppressor made from an oil filter attached to the barrel,” the report reads in part.

As the deputy cleared the firearm, he found out there was a bullet in the chamber. The report states that Sumner also found a rifle behind the truck seats. Though the rifle “was missing the bolt piece,” the deputy found the missing piece “in the glove box along with a barrel for a .22 caliber pistol.” He also found two “loaded .22 pistol magazines in the passenger seat.”

According to the report, Westlake also showed to have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent.

Staff writer Marisa Hicks can be reached at mhicks@thecabin.net.

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