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Father accused of hitting wife in parking lot

Two passersby held down a Camden man in the T-Mobile parking lot on June 13 after they saw the man beating his wife and “dragging kids” out of the couple’s car, according to an incident report.

Blake Allen Franklin, 34, was charged with third-degree domestic battery last week following an incident that reportedly happened on June 13.

According to an incident report, two men held Franklin down in the parking lot and called 911 after they saw the 34-year-old hitting his wife and trying to leave with the couple’s children.

One of the men told officer John Turney that he and his family had walked out of a nearby store when he saw the Camden man fighting with his wife.

The man saw Franklin pick up one of his children and attempt to carry the girl off as the wife screamed for help when he decided to intervene and prevent Franklin from leaving with the child, according to the man’s statement.

The other man who helped hold Franklin down until police arrived ran over to help when he heard Franklin’s wife screaming out for help.

Authorities had planned to seek third-degree domestic battery charges until they found out the Camden man’s wife was 12 weeks pregnant, according to the report.

The woman suffered a swollen knot on the back of her head and also had a swollen spot under her right eye where Franklin reportedly hit her.

The woman told police she and her family had floated the Buffalo River earlier that day and that her husband “had a lot to drink while they were there.”

“On the way back home they began arguing because he wanted to drive and she did not want him to,” officer Jeremy Perkins wrote in his report after talking to the woman. “When they got to this location she had gotten the children out of the vehicle but Blake tried to grab the children to take with him and he was planning on driving even though he was intoxicated.”

Man hides meth, paraphernalia in pants

A North Little Rock man was arrested on June 15 after officers reportedly found a pipe and meth in his pants.

Coy Alan Hill, 48, is charged with two Class D felonies – possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia – following a June 15 traffic stop.

According to an incident report, two officers drove through the Hess gas station parking lot when they noticed two vehicles sitting close together that were “not properly parked.” One of the vehicles did not have a license plate and the other appeared to have expired tags.

Officer Jessie Ellis pulled over the Chevrolet Suburban as it left the parking lot because it appeared to have expired tags. The officer also noted that one of the headlights on the vehicle was out.

As the officer walked up to the driver’s side door, Hill almost handed him his debit card instead of his driver’s license, the report states. The 48-year-old North Little Rock man also began to “name drop” various officials, including Faulkner County Sheriff Tim Ryals and District Judge Chris R. Carnahan “to seem important so we would leave him alone.”

At one point, Hill also said he was part of investigation that he couldn’t talk about, the report states.

Officer Ellis asked Hill for his permission to search the vehicle and his pockets. When the 48-year-old denied consent, a K-9 was called to conduct a free air sniff around the vehicle.

The K-9 reportedly alerted police that it detected the smell of narcotics. However, the officers did not find any contraband inside the vehicle. At this point, the officers on scene said they would search Hill’s pockets.

“While I searched Hill, I felt something in the left side of his groin area that did not feel like it should be there,” the report reads in part. “The object was soft to the touch, and it felt like the object was bunched up. I also took note that it felt like it was made of cloth. At first I thought it was his underwear bunched up, but there wasn’t a bulge like that on his other side.”

Hill initially told the officers they were touching his genitalia but later admitted he had a pipe “with a little bit in it” in his pants and pulled out a glove that had a pipe and suspected methamphetamine in it, according to the report.

Staff writer Marisa Hicks can be reached at mhicks@thecabin.net

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