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Out-of-state teen spits on police officer

A California teen is behind bars in lieu of a $500,000 bond after reportedly spitting at and kicking authorities after the officers asked her to step out of a vehicle so they could search it.

Florida Reynolds, 19, of Oakland, California, was charged with aggravated assault on a corrections or law enforcement officer, a Class D felony; interference with a law enforcement officer, a Class A misdemeanor; and resisting arrest, a Class A misdemeanor; after reportedly spitting on and kicking an officer during a July 14 traffic stop.

Officer Deon Clay pulled over Edward Ter’rian Pargo after noticing the 40-year-old was driving 50 mph in a 35 mph zone, according to an incident report.

As he walked up to the vehicle to tell Pargo he was pulled over for speeding, Clay noted in his report that he could smell marijuana “while having a face mask on.”

Authorities on scene asked Pargo to step out of the vehicle to confront him about the marijuana smell.

Clay told the 40-year-old he could smell the marijuana and asked if there was any currently in the vehicle, adding that he “wasn’t trying to hem him up over something small” when Pargo admitted he had “a blunt” in the driver’s side door pocket.

At this point, authorities on scene asked Reynolds, who was the passenger, to step out of the vehicle so that they could confiscate the blunt and search the vehicle. When officer Morgan Norris asked Reynolds what her name was, the California woman reportedly argued with police and refused to tell them who she was.

“Officer Norris ask[ed] her for her driver’s license and she stated, ‘I don’t have it. Officer Norris then ask[ed] for her name and date of birth. She responded, ‘I don’t have one,’” the report reads in part.

When the 19-year-old continued refusing to cooperate, officers on scene decided to arrest her. However, as they tried to handcuff Reynolds, the report states the California teen “started pulling away” and spit on officer Norris’ face.

Once the officers had Norris detained, the 19-year-old reportedly began kicking Norris.

Online records show that as of Friday afternoon, Reynolds was still behind bars in the Faulkner County Detention Center. The 19-year-old is scheduled to appear next on Aug. 3 for a plea and arraignment hearing.

Woman accused of pulling knife on husband

A Conway woman reportedly pulled a knife on her husband during an argument last week.

According to an incident, the 39-year-old woman called police shortly after pulling the knife on her husband. Latonya Bynum also hit, scratched and pushed her husband before calling police.

The 39-year-old woman returned home on July 16 after taking a trip to Florida. The woman started arguing with her husband and refused to let him carry her luggage into the couple’s residence when she got home, according to the report.

The woman continued yelling at her husband in front of the couple’s children and also pulled a knife on her husband during the argument.

One of the couple’s children told police he saw his mother put his father in a chokehold as she “held the knife to his cheek area, demanding him to hive her the vehicle keys.”

Authorities on scene noted the father’s shirt was “very torn” and that he had “small scrapes” on his left arm.

Bynum reportedly admitted to pointing the knife at her husband. However, she denied putting her husband in a chokehold and told police she never “put the knife directly in his face.”

Online records show the 39-year-old Conway woman was ultimately arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a family or household member, a Class D felony and third-degree domestic battery, a Class A misdemeanor, following the incident.

Bynum, who has since been released from the Faulkner County Detention Center on a $3,610 bond, is scheduled to appear next on Aug. 3 in Faulkner County Circuit Court for a plea and arraignment hearing regarding the allegations against her.

Staff writer Marisa Hicks can be reached at mhicks@thecabin.net.

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