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Charges filed against Conway woman

A Conway woman has been formally charged in a felony case stemming from a shoplifting incident that reportedly happened in February at the Walmart on Skyline Drive.

Online records show that Shastina Marie Ray, 29, was formally charged on Aug. 20 with robbery, a Class B felony, as well as theft of property, a Class A misdemeanor, following the incident.

According to an incident report, authorities initially were called shortly after 8:30 p.m. Feb. 11 to the Walmart on Skyline Drive regarding a shoplifter. Loss prevention employees told officer Phillip Sweet the suspect “pushed passed them and ran from the scene getting into a gray minivan” when she was confronted about stealing items.

The employees told the officer they noticed the 29-year-old woman did not ring up everything in her cart while she was at the self checkout lane. When confronted about the theft, the woman reportedly took off running, leaving behind everything in the cart, including her cell phone.

According to the report, employees identified the suspect as Ray using her phone. Authorities on scene were able to positively identify Ray as the suspect by comparing a photo of her sent over by the dispatch center to the surveillance footage.

While reviewing the security footage, the officers reportedly could see a van with Yellow Cab taxi pull up to the store’s entrance and pick up a woman in a brown jacket. As the van made its way across the parking lot, the report states Ray ran from the store and in front of the van.

“The taxi sits for a minute as the incident occurs and then leavers after Ray runs from the store,” officer Sweet wrote in his report. “The taxi then turns sup a parking [aisle] toward Harkrider St. Approximately three-fourths of the way through the parking lot, the taxi turned left toward Fendley Dr. As the taxi turns, Ray runs in front of it and the taxi stopped. Ray then got into the taxi and left the scene turning onto Fendley Dr., then south onto Harkrider Street.”

Employees reached out to the Yellow Cab taxi company and tracked down the cab driver. According to the report, the cab driver said she witnessed the incident between Ray and store employees and that she only stopped because Ray jumped out in front of her vehicle.

Harassment complaint leads to theft case

A 38-year-old man is behind bars after police reportedly found a broken meth pipe in his pockets and a stolen license plate on his vehicle while following up on a harassment complaint last week.

According to an incident report, authorities were called around 1:45 a.m. Aug. 21 to the Oakwood Village Trailer Park regarding “a suspect in a harassment [case].”

“While canvassing the area, I observed two ;males walking quickly away from the area of the incident and towards Trailer 108,” the officer noted in his report, adding that one of the men got into a Nissan Sentra that had a “very distinct,” silver paint job. The officer also said he could tell the man “had some blood on his face, disheveled clothes and was incredibly sweaty.”

The officer drove up to the men and asked the man (38-year-old Javier Ivan Ramirez) by the Nissan who the vehicle belonged to. At this point, the report states the officer ran the vehicle’s license plate information through the dispatch center and found out the license plate had been reported as stolen.

As he handcuffed Ramirez for having stolen property, the other man who was standing on the front porch turned around and went inside. The officer said the other man “never came back out” of the mobile home.

Ramirez claimed he got the stolen plate from “some guy in ‘Chateau.’”

According to the report, the officer found the license plate that was registered to the vehicle “hidden under the passenger seat.”

The officer said he also found what appeared to be a broken meth pipe in one of Ramirez’s pockets as well as a Postmates credit card. While searching the vehicle, police found several items they believe were taken during a previous breaking or entering complaint along with a someone else’s social security card and residency card. The other person’s information was listed on the residency card; however, the report states the card appeared to have Ramirez’s photo on it.

“When I asked Ramirez about the cards, he stated that he had them ‘made up’ by someone but hat person is now in Mexico,” Spurgers noted in his report.

Ramirez, who is currently being held behind bars in lieu of a $5,000 bond, was charged with forger, a Class C felony; possession of drug paraphernalia, a Class D felony; and theft by receiving, a Class A misdemeanor; following the incident.

Staff writer Marisa Hicks can be reached at mhicks@thecabin.net

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