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From Mayflower and the University of Central Arkansas police department reports

Student spits on police, also kicks officers

A University of Central Arkansas student is charged in a felony battery case after reportedly starting a fight and also spitting on and kicking the officers who responded.

Mariam Sakina Sylla, 21, was charged with two counts of second-degree battery, which is a Class D felony, as well as one count each of third-degree battery and resisting arrest following the Sept. 8 incident.

Authorities were called around 6:30 p.m. Sept. 8 to Bear Village regarding a fight in the parking lot. When officer Shad Foley pulled up to the apartment complex, a residential coordinator walked up and pointed out those involved in the fight, according to an incident report.

“As I approached the two individuals, I witnessed the female punch the male subject in the face with a closed fist,” the officer’s report reads in part. “I quickly ran up and grabbed the female subject in an effort to prevent further violence.”

After the officer grabbed the woman, the man the woman was fighting reportedly walked up to the officer in an attempt to redirect the officer’s attention, the report states.

“As I was ordering the male subject to step away from me, I remained in control of the female suspect,” Foley’s report reads in part. “It was at this time, while my attention was focused on the male, that the female spat in my face.”

Officer Tyler Ryals also responded to the scene and helped Foley handcuff Sylla and put her in the back of a patrol car. The 21-year-old woman’s sister was also on scene and told police that Sylla “had been suffering from severe depression the last few days and that she was having a ‘psychotic episode.’”

Sylla began attacking their friend as he and the sister attempted to calm Sylla, according to the sister’s statement.

Sylla was taken to the Conway Regional Medical Center to be assessed following the incident. Prosecutors have also asked that she be required to give a blood sample “to determine if the officer needs to be treated for any infectious disease or condition.”

The 21-year-old UCA student is currently free on a $5,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in Faulkner County Circuit Court for a plea and arraignment hearing.

Mayflower man hits woman with beer bottle

A Mayflower man is accused of running and hiding from police after hitting his child’s mother in the face with a beer bottle earlier this month.

Landon Alan Lawson, 26, was charged with second-degree battery, a Class D felony; fleeing on foot, a Class C misdemeanor; and refusal to submit to arrest, a Class B misdemeanor; following the Sept. 4 incident.

Mayflower officers were called out shortly after 11:15 p.m. on the night in question after a Trails End resident said Lawson “struck her in the face with a beer bottle,” according to an incident report.

By the time officer Andrew Stubbe pulled up to the Trails End residence, Lawson had taken off running, the report states.

“I shined my flashlight in the general direction given by [the suspect’s ex-girlfriend] and saw Landon Lawson running out of the woods,” the officer wrote in his report.

Lawson reportedly ran behind a house on Paradise Circle moments before the officer said he noticed the door “slammed shut.” However, when the officer knocked on the door, no one answered.

After talking with the victim at her Trails End residence, the report states the officer found out the alleged victim was friends with the woman who lives in the Paradise Circle that Lawson was possibly hiding in. Lawson’s ex-girlfriend called the Paradise Circle resident, and asked if police could go look inside her home for Lawson. According to the report, the woman admitted Lawson was inside and gave police the OK to go in and get him.

The report also states the ex-girlfriend had “a laceration on her nose and forehead, abrasions on her neck and a cut on her left bicep” after Lawson hit her with the beer bottle.

The Mayflower man was arrested that night. Online records show he posted a $15,000 bond on Sept. 8 and that he is scheduled to appear Oct. 13 in Faulkner County Circuit Court for a plea and arraignment hearing.

Staff writer Marisa Hicks can be reached at mhicks@thecabin.net.

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