The City of Conway and McDoux Preservation will present a draft of the results of the city’s African American Historic Context Study in a public meeting at Greater Pleasant Branch Baptist Church on Thursday at 6 p.m., per a press released issued by the City of Conway.

The context study, first initiated by the Conway City Council in January, is an effort by McDoux Preservation to research and document African American history in Conway, identify locations of significance in the city related to the African American experience, gather oral histories and identify future opportunities for study and interpretation, per the press release.

As previously reported in the Log Cabin, the project has taken place in four phases and had a budget set at a little more than $28,000, funded by a grant from the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program. After the final results of the study are published and presented to city officials, the report will guide the City of Conway in nominating sites of significance to the National Register of Historic Places. City Planning and Development Director James Walden said the study will raise awareness of Conway’s history.

“We have a lot to be proud of in Conway,” Walden said, per the press release. “We have too little community awareness of Conway’s historically black neighborhood, and the amazing accomplishments of our African American community.”

Two areas in Conway, the Pine and Markham Street Neighborhood north and east of downtown, and the Lollie Bottoms, a former plantation and farming community in southwest Conway, have been the study’s primary focus, per the press release. Both areas are known to be historically tied to Conway’s African American community.

Greater Pleasant Branch Baptist Church is located on 601 Spruce St. Thursday’s meeting is free and open to the public.

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