Attorney General Leslie Rutledge announced Thursday that she has entered a settlement with nine other states and D.C. with Stubhub after the company refused to pay refunds to customers for events, such as concerts and sporting events, that were canceled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

StubHub is a California-based company that is one of the largest ticket reselling companies in the nation. Rutledge joins Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia in this settlement.

“StubHub should have honored its guarantee to consumers without action by my office, but through this settlement Stubhub will make good on its promise,” Rutledge said in a news release. “I will continue to hold these companies responsible for fair business practices with Arkansas consumers.”

StubHub must offer consumers full refunds for ticket purchases to events that were canceled after the pandemic hit in March of last year. After the mass-cancelation of events after the pandemic hit, StubHub denied requests for refunds and instead told customers that were affected that they would receive 120 percent of their purchase as account credits.

Nearly 2,000 Arkansans were affected by StubHub’s refusal to give out refunds, but in May of this year StubHub reversed their decision and gave out full refunds to purchases to canceled events made before March 25, 2020.

Wednesday’s settlement further requires Stubhub to clearly disclose many changes they may make to their refund policies before a customer agrees to it.

Rutledge says that customers who have yet to be contacted by StubHub about their refunds can contact StubHub at (866) 788-2482 or the AG officer at (501) 682-2007.

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